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I have an obsession with naming things and too many names to ever have enough things to use them all for.  (mouthful much?)  I have no reason to ever need another baby name, but yet I think about names all the time, because I just love them that much! I’ve never been one to share […]

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  • Those are some good name choices! With Myles we had a hard time agreeing on a boy name but knew that if I was having a girl we would have named her Lucy! But when I found out we were having a boy we went back to the name game and finally settled on Myles (spelling it with a y was all Nick). Maggie, I don’t really know why we didn’t use Lucy, but she just felt like a Maggie in the womb (the double M was not on purpose). And Lucy,we loved the name Millie but we just could not do 3 M’s, maybe that is silly but we settled on Lucy and she is so a Lucy! So we have Myles Christopher, Maggie Mattea, and Lucy Mia! Myles gave Lucy her middle name 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I absolutely LOVE the name Vera! I told my husband the other day if we ever have a girl I’d want to name her that. For some reason I can always think of good boy names but when it comes to girl names I’m stuck. That is one of the only girl names I’ve ever liked consistently.
    Your children are beautiful and have such great names!ReplyCancel

  • Hannah Hosh

    I met a Wren years ago and have loved it since, and I always loved the name Jude for a girl too! I think it’s because 1st semester at CCBC there was a girl from Ireland named Jude and she was super cool. Too bad I have a loooong list of girl names that I’ll never get to use. 🙁
    Bryan and I have had discussions about how I think names should flow from kid to kid and how he thinks I’m completely crazy for thinking so. Whatevs. Our deal is that since I made the kid and pushed it out I get to choose the first name and he gets the middle.

    Another big thing for me is NOT having the name be in the top 100 baby names on ANY list. Too bad Asher has crept it’s way in since we had ours…ReplyCancel

  • We went to a soccer game and these guys in front of us were constantly yelling in Scottish accents “go Finn!” It made me laugh the whole time and just made me happy…thus our little Finn. Brayden is my only baby that I’m not 100% in love with his name just because we used Zac’s middle name Allen – and that’s just so very common. I like their middle names to be different…thus Sky, River, and now Arrow.ReplyCancel

  • man, i love this post:) it’s a little ridiculous how often i’m grabbing my little mini pink moleskine i keep in my purse jotting down names that i love or re-writing names i already have in fancy/fun fonts. so silly. not so much baby crazy but i just lovelovelove thinking up and hearing a good name. endless fascination for me. i so so love your little darlings names, always have:)ReplyCancel

  • Heather

    I love names and I love all of your kids’ names and your future farm animal names!!… and one of these days I will let you know why I switched Eden’s name from one four-letter name to another 🙂 (It was all Luke’s fault).

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! I am so glad you are blogging again!ReplyCancel

  • Linnea Taylor

    It was hard to find a name perfect for Ivy Lane. She seemed to perfect that no name seemed right. It took us two days to name her! I had a little lime green moleskine that I keep in my pocket at work for important info. And when I first became pregnant I jotted down about 50 different Ivy variations. Ivy Lennox, Ivy Lane, Ivy Hannah, etc. But I eventually went away from Ivy and explored lots of other names. But once she was born I returned to Ivy and said to Ben “Can we name her Ivy?!” He said he loved the name too and so she was Ivy. Still she had no middle name so I told Ben that must be his project. Well we both ended up agreeing on the name Lane because it reminds us of the lane at Ben’s parents house down by the river. It’s a beautiful meandering dirt lane that has these old trees hanging over it, and it leads to a small park by the marina. We walked this lane ALL THE TIME while dating. And of course, as you know, we got married down by the water…so the word “Lane” means happiness to us.

    Ivy is just such a perfect name for Ivy! Besides we wanted a name that ended with the “ee” sound.ReplyCancel

  • great post, girl!
    i too love names! i probably don’t think of them as often as you do, but am always hearing new ones i love! patrick and i even loved naming our cats, silas and nixie:)
    we of course are praying for the chance to name another child, elijah grey was easy, elijah means my god is the lord and grey means pleasant(and the color, duh). my god IS the lord! he brought elijah to us, and pleasant was the state of our hearts. we had finally let go of bitterness and grief and rested in jesus’ will to add to our family!
    funny, i seem to like E names…ezra, evie(a scandinavian singer i heard throughout my childhood!), etta, elliott…also LOVE cullen, cole, luci, jude:), james, tyra, willa, dottie, blythe and cooper.ReplyCancel

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  • Keri

    Elenore means “god’s light” We loved that meaning.
    Solomon means “peace” and he came at the perfect time, right when we needed a little bit a peace in our life.ReplyCancel

  • Pamela

    So my first daughter is Hawaiian and we named her after her dads great aunt who lived on Maui and all the locals knew and loved her as “auntie Lani” so we names her Leilani Ann (Ann being my moms middle name and actually my husbands mothers middle name). My husband is not leilani’s father so it’s kinda cool that Leilani has a name tied into her new step family 🙂

    Then while I was pregnant with my second daughter I was only picking out boy names because I insisted I was having a boy! One night, I can’t figure out if I dreamt the name or if I thought of it half asleep, Talia! Pronounced Tal(like pal)ya. So anyways I remember writing it on my hand in the middle of the night and researching it the next day. It is Hebrew and means “the dew of God” so my husband and I were in love with it and came to find out I was having a girl! Lol.ReplyCancel

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I get asked way to frequently what camera I use, so I thought it would be nice to just post it, and then refer people here, instead of explaining in a new letter each time (Don’t tell, but I’ve recently been copying and pasting my letters, and just changing the name of the recipient, because […]

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  • i am reading my manual!!! and one day, i will understand it all:)ReplyCancel

I don’t know what’s up with my site, but I wasn’t able to login for days, thus, no photos!  Here’s what our weekend looked like… myJoel’s cousin, Hannah, and her family, were in town this weekend from North Dakota!  We went to Disneyland, in the pouring rain, and spent a day at our house, just […]

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