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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Women always tell me how “inspiring” Pinterest is for crafts, but it seems to me, that in real life, hardly anyone ever completes any of the crafts on there!  Isn’t that ironic?  Anyway, I’m not really a crafty kind of person to begin with.  Sure, I’ll DIY here and there, but there are a lot […]

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  • Becks

    i’ve actually made something from Pinterest!!!! go to my board marked EJ 11.5.11 and look at the backdrop made from the paper pinwheels! we made a copy of this, and its amazing…. maybe i should blog about it… 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    Pinterest also make me feel like I am not cute enough, my house is not looking good, and I need to go work out then make a fat kid dessert.

    Yet I love it.ReplyCancel

  • linnea

    I don’t know what pintrest is, but the pics you posted are pretty cool! except most REAL life bathrooms are window-less and then a black room might be sort of “dark”. although come to think of it one of my parent’s bathrooms is dark navy blue and windowless and I love the way it looks. So….maybe never mind!

    I love love love crafty things! I haven’t had much time lately with my online class, work and general ivy-time! but i LOVE TO MAKE CHRISTMAS FELT STUFF!ReplyCancel

  • seriously, pinterest has millions if ideas i am aching to try…but lack TIME. my friend jess is starting a linky to actually DO pinterest projects…check it out!

  • I have actually completed a few “Pins” from my pinterest. We’ll be doing another tomorrow!ReplyCancel

This past week has been GROSS.  First it was a fever for Ever, with a lot of “toilet time”, followed by sore throats, then runny noses, which turned into colds for the rest of them.  AND, wouldn’t you know it, Cruz’s tonsil surgery is scheduled for next week, and it can’t be done at all […]

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So, you may or may not remember a little while back, when our adoption agency asked for a current family photo? You know, I’m a photographer, my kids are so well behaved, and we had a whole 5 minutes to do this on my husband’s lunch break. Oh, and things always go perfectly as planned. […]

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  • precious!! love the outfits, too! xoReplyCancel

  • I think these photos are GREAT! I am just going bananas over the girls outfits (including YOURS) I LOVE LEOPARD/CHEETAH!!!!!WOOOOT! Anyways. I was just thinking “I would like some professional photos taken of us!!’ because we haven’t had any since Ivy was born. And I was thinking I wished I lived closer to yall because I would love to hire you for the job! BUT that isn’t so…anyways…My friend’s friend who is starting up a little photography business offered to take our pictures for FREE to build her portfolio because she didn’t have any family shots. Isn’t that a great blessing!! I’m excited, she’ll probably send them along in a month or so. I know the ones of Ivy will be great because she was hamming it up the whole time.

    Oh and no I didn’t get to see Small Island! I really wanted to, but i had something conflicting when it aired. So is it available online??ReplyCancel

  • Those kids are so beautiful…I love the silly shots the best. And Ever’s sweater is just phenomenal. Whoever gets your children’s hand-me-downs is so lucky! LOVE.ReplyCancel

  • […] to Stephanie!  Here favorite post was this one, and soon she’ll have some yummy basil in her […]ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Kearney

    Where is Zara’s love necklace from?ReplyCancel