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Monthly Archives: August 2012

I have missed WTAWW. I love getting weekly pictures of the kids all together, I think I’ll love them even more in 20 years (and we will probably look back and laugh at our fashions, right? How fun will that be?) I’m considering sending this next one in to Awkward Family Photos. I try to […]

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  • Cassie

    As always, LOVE what the kids are wearing. I think my favorite is Ever’s dress. I really ought to go thrifting sometime. Confession: I’ve never been. Ever.

    And I saw that you made it into the top 25! Awesome! Congrats!!ReplyCancel

  • Oh MAN your kids are precious. The are BEAUTIFUL!! Also, I’m so excited because I took your advice and have signed up some of my beautiful friends to let me take some photos of them. i think that was the best advice anyone could have given me:). I’ll write back soon- things have been crazy!ReplyCancel

  • Mae has those little mocassins and I’m in love with them!
    Such cute little babes you’ve got! 🙂ReplyCancel

I love blended coffee drinks! I also happen to be allergic to dairy and not a huge fan of the calories (and other junk) involved with your typical store bought blended drinks. A few weeks back in LA, we had awesome vegan blended drinks from a little cafe. I decided to try making one myself […]

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  • Annie

    Haha, this is totally something Toodles would do. I haven’t enjoyed a coffee drink to all to myself since she was old enough to feed herself. He is beautiful, btw. AND, how do you store all the photos of your kids you take? I’m filling up my external and I’m no photographer.ReplyCancel

  • linnea

    Okay, yummy yummy yummy! You had me @ coffee + ice. I love COLD DRINKS. icee, fanta, coffee drinks, smoothies, pina coladas . . . . .

    okay now I am just sounding like an insane pregnant woman!ReplyCancel

Summer is not my favorite season. I enjoy it. I appreciate it. But where we live it’s the hot, hot kinda hot. I grew up by the sea, where you run to catch a beach tan on your way to the mall. Even the hottest days had a breeze. Of course that has all changed with […]

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