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Monthly Archives: October 2016

You forget how blinding the mountain sun is, until a. you are sunburnt in a matter of minutes or b. you are trying to take a picture. I had intentions to take a zillion pictures yesterday, but I was  scorned by the sun. We are getting to the creek extra early today, which means beautiful morning sun. If […]

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After a terrible night of sleep – leaking shower, caving-in bed, and Zara’s arthritis flaring up – we all got out of the cabin, albeit a bit later than expected! While the boys did a little more of this …… the girls drove around town and enjoyed a relaxing day, and hit the bakery. Again. […]

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  • Lucia

    First off, these picture are literally from a Disney fairy tale.
    Second, I love that you got in the picture with your two girls. So sweet!! <3ReplyCancel

We just arrived yesterday, and managed to hit not one, but TWO lakes! Currently the boys are out on a boat “trolling” (which is the fancy word for dragging the lines behind you as you cruise around a lake) and us girls are still in our pajamas at the cabin, haha! Thankful for wi-fi because 10 years […]

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