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Fresh start for summer!

I decided to give the blog a little Summer make over! What do you think?! There are also a few fun new things to do…

Let’s head to bulliten points and make this easier on ourselves:

  • Comment System: I changed the system to a new one, which means I can now comment right back to you underneath your comments, and you all can do the same to each other, me, etc…!!!!  It’s so much better because it’s more interactive, and I’m super excited to try it, so someone comment asap.  Haha!
  • Pinterest & Polyvore: I’ve been so late to get on the whole “pinning” train because I feel like it just lends to unattainable goals of expensive stuff I will never get (Actually don’t want it either!), BUT I decided to do both of them because I can pin stuff that would be helpful and that would take a lot of time to post on the blog! Things like DIY Projects, Pretty Clothing, and so on… That way my blog can be filled more with family then “stuff”. Check them out if you get a chance. I’m still trying to figure out Pinterest, but you can find me on there if you have one “House of Lovelock” and Polyvore can be found in the sidebar all the way toward the bottom.  I’m just getting started, and haven’t had time to actually dive into that whole scene, but I’ll get there soon!
  • Categories: Just in case you didn’t know, see that area underneath the title that says, “Posted in” – well if you click on anyone of those categories named, it will take you to all the posts that have the same tag.

I think that is it at the moment, but I’ll note anything new as it happens.

I’m at home today with my little two, while my husband and his parents took Jude & Zara to Sea World.  I took them to 7-11 for slurpees so they wouldn’t be too sad about not getting to go. Worked like a charm. I also realized they had no idea what a slurpee was thanks to their organic weirdo mother. One day they will thank me. I hope.

  • Keri

    I love the new look. I’m not a blog person, but I LOVE reading your blog. It’s been a blessing to know you and I wish I still lived close. It’s been a joy seeing the kiddos grow up. I’ll never forget the night Ali told us you were pregnant (with Jude). Such a long time ago. Anyway, thanks for sharing your life with everyone. I hope someday to be as good a wife and mother as you are! -Keri Hanson. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Aww! Thank you Keri, I will be super excited to hear baby news from you one day too! (Jude is about to turn 7!) Thank you so much for the compliment, you will be a great mommy!ReplyCancel

  • Sylvia Osorno

    LOVE the new title! Once again, because I am obsessed with fonts and typefaces, what is the font you used? ReplyCancel

    • I don’t remember the name, I had to buy it though! I’ll try to look both of them up, I have a habit of loosing things…. Haha!ReplyCancel

  • Hannah Hosh

    Looking good Ashley! BTW, the Star Wars cupcake stuff was a HIT on Asher’s b-day. Thank you so much for sending those!ReplyCancel

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