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My Pretty Little Ladies

These precious photos were supposed to be last week’s WTAWW, you know, the one that ended up being just me?  I said I’d post them later, and since tomorrow is a new WTAWW, I think it’s time to get these up!

And while we were on the patio, Zara noticed that they boys had made a mess, so she got the broom to clean it for me. I would love to say that Ever was helpful too, but she actually just watched, while hiding behind the planter.

And speaking of planters, my plants inside those planters are miraculously STILL alive! Of course, I wised up and only bought hearty plants. And I basically do nothing at all, so they would obviously make it in the worst of conditions in the wild anyway.  I love having the plants right by my door, it makes going and coming just a little brighter!  And since we have a tiny little frog living in the succulents now, I can barely handle the cuteness! I know I’m going to sound like a lunatic, but I’m going to say it anyway: EVERYONE should have some plants in their life! 

  • linnea

    Cute pics! Ben has had his two plants for FOREVER,and they are a wonderful addition to our kitchen. Especially in the more dreary winter months. Although they are getting a little out of control right now!ReplyCancel

  • That third picture of Ever with the adorable cheesy grin looks so much like Jeremy to me!ReplyCancel

  • What kinda of plants are these? I just took back $100 of dead flowers back to Lows. So I really need something that is hearty!ReplyCancel

  • What kind of plants are those? I just took back $100 worth of flowers to Lows so I think if defiantly need some hearty plants!ReplyCancel

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