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Gifting Joy

Christmas presents are just around the corner.It’s November the 2nd, and I haven’t thought out my whole “Christmas plan” enough…yet. If it weren’t for my lucky Craigslist find for the girls, I wouldn’t have any presents bought yet.  I love to buy early and avoid the crowds!

Over the past few weeks, as my friends and I discussed the upcoming holidays, I nearly bought into the whole, “Just buy them what they want, it’s Christmas for gosh sakes!” You know the phrase. The one that floats near ever birthday and gifting holiday and makes me feel like the meanest mother ever. But after mulling over it awhile, I’m pretty convince that the “more blessed it is to give than to receive” that Jesus was talking about didn’t have anything to do with beyblade stadiums, and barbie dolls, and light up buzz light year shoes. And I’m not giving it to just be pushed around by spoiled rotten society just because it’s a holiday. (Not to mention Cruz & Ever’s birthday’s sandwich christmas and we’d really rather fill space with a new baby than stuff.) And all in all, it’s just become so obvious to me – You can’t gift joy to your children through toys.

Of course the kids ares working on Christmas lists (of things they want and need).  New fun shoes. Some toys that already belong to their sets they have. Books. Clothes. All really good things. I told them to really think about what they put on there because they don’t want to be sorry afterward about their choices – by some miracle, it worked!

And, you know how crazy I am?  While I’ve been searching for the item’s on the kids lists, I’ve been looking around to see what is out there for baby girls.  Just in case we end up adopting a girl (because I just gave my sister everything from my girls!) and oh my word. Newborn girl stuff has gotten even more adorable in the past 3 years!! Eekk. I never actually have  preference on which gender we will adopt, but I definitely wouldn’t be sad if it were boy & girl twins! (not that that ever happens!) But I love both the names we chose so much that I will be sad to not be able to use one of them.

  • christina

    isn’t it crazy that christmas is just around the corner? this year we are going low key for gift giving. avery is getting jeff’s old shuffle ipod and garrett is getting avery’s old trike (refurbished of course). i’m keeping it simple. i heard this phrase last year at christmas time, “something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.” i think i’m gonna try and stick by it. happy holidays!ReplyCancel

  • My co worker who had 3 kids ages 7 thru 12 didn’t buy her kids ANY presents a few years ago. I was so impressed she actually went through with it. She was a very loving, generous mother but she believed her kids were being spoiled by their wealthy and doting relatives. She said she would find expensive electronic toys broken on the kitchen floor or nice sunglasses smashed between seat cushions. She would constantly say “You need to appreciate your things and take better care of them!”. She told them months in advance that she wasn’t going to get them anything for Christmas until they showed her they could take care of what they had and not waste such nice things. Well, they didn’t listen, and she got them NO Christmas gifts. On Christmas morning they went to the local mission and worked there the whole day.

    All of my other co-workers called her Grinch!ReplyCancel

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