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Just wanted to say…

I am so shocked by the amount of visitors to my blog!  Thank you so much for dropping by, and for the sweet messages that I have received! I updated things in my sidebar to the right, so you can now follow me by just entering your e-mail, or on twitter (I’m going to post pictures on there too!) or, if you have instagram – find me!  I’m “HouseofLovelock”.

Blogging has been such a good way for my husband and I to reflect on how blessed we are, and how darling our children are, and how much we love each other, and really just to reflect in general.  I blogged for years before this blog, but the past year was spent on a “break” as I was just too busy with everything else I was doing. It was just what I needed,  but I love being back, and writing again, and mainly, documenting things that I will want to remember.  I think I’ll try to re-blog some of my older posts (I saved them all) to give a little history of our family, and who knows what else in the future!

Off to an early lunch with my husband!  –Ashley

  • I love that even though friends from long ago maybe not be close I can still peek in on their lives!! Your blog, Hannah’s blog, Allison’s blog and many more, are just some of my favorites!! And your kiddos are pretty dang cute 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Thanks Jess! I think the same of your babies! I added your link to my sidebar. What is Allison’s address – is it still locked?ReplyCancel

  • yeah its only by invitation i think. here is the link though

  • Hannah Hosh

    I’m glad you’re blogging again too!ReplyCancel

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