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Most Popular Posts (aka Ashley’s still sick!)

I am still sick, so while I’m no good for nothin’ today, I had some pretty good posts in the past – or at least my readers think so!

Here are the 5 most popular past posts on the blog:

1. Beauty & Hair tips: Having siblings in the beauty industry – priceless!

2. Make your own Sillhouettes: This one is all over Pinterest – thank you for all the Pins & Repins!

3. Adoption: I’m glad this is one of the most popular, I hope our family can encourage people to adopt.

4. 2011 Christmas Pictures: I think it’s funny that this is a popular one, maybe I am at fault for using a Beiber song and people just couldn’t resist?  

5. Baby Name Obsession: I am obviously not the only obsessed person!

That is such a wide range of topics that it actually makes me laugh. Hopefully that just means there is a little something for everyone!

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