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The Mini Series: Designing a Mini Wardrobe

I’ve had it asked a lot, “Where do you shop for your kids?

This ongoing question got my mind thinking how I’d love to do a post on shopping for kids, which has taken me some time because that post turned into the longest post of the century, and then I wanted pictures and then…. You know, I could keep going on like that forever. So,without future ado…

I am a lover of all things small.

Everything from baby feet to mini-cupcakes. Dollhouses? Gah, don’t even get me started. And of course there are my kids, small humans trapped inside tiny bodies. My weakness. I want 100 more.  Obviously, that’s not happening, so I choose second best; Shopping for tiny kid clothes. Really, it’s a very second close to having 100 more…

Just to make it very clear from the very beginning, I don’t think caring about kids clothing is a “must”. Actually, it’s not really that important at all in the scheme of life, BUT I do have a serious peeve in that most mothers will take all the time in the world to dress themselves nicely, and do their own hair each morning (along with make up and other unspeakable beautifying processes), with not more than a moment will be spent on the dressing of their children. In my mind, if you make one important, you make both important. 

My whole Ashley-loves-to-shop-for-cute -kids-clothes story started when Joel and I started having kids. Which was exactly 6 weeks into our marriage with that pregnancy test gave us a plus sign. I knew there were things I would have to give up while becoming a parent and I wanted to fill that time with new things that would fit into mommyhood.  I (informally) decided that dressing my kids would become one of my new mommy hobby. I knew that if, as well as the practical aspect, finding cute clothes was also a creative outlet for me, I wouldn’t feel bad if I was spending time on it. (Realize that you’ll be spending at least some time shopping whether you like shopping or not!)

Overall, my style is a little, okay a lot, old fashioned and love my little girls in dresses and my little boys in button ups. But, I also love to have some trendy fashion mixed in too.  I adore my kids to look like little people, and for their clothing to fit their personalities. Some people have asked me why I dress them like grown ups. Personally, I don’t really think I’m dressing them like grown ups, at least not in our area, but I am taking cues from the many decades before, where children’s clothing was not so dramatically different from the adults around them. Girls & women wore dresses. Men and boys wore slacks. Simple and beautiful! It’s only in the last 40 years that I found children’s fashion has changed (and sadly) separated almost completely from the adults!  I can’t think of how that has improved society or made a difference in the life of children’s individuality in a good way. Miley Cyrus bedazzled skorts? Clowns playing baseball toddler shirts?! Yeah, for children’s individuality!  I mockI think I was supposed to be born in the 50’s.

Since my style may not be your style, I’d also like to say that this series won’t just be about one trend, or specifically leaned toward one look – these posts will be an overall wardrobe eyeopener that will help any mini-closet! And, since I have way too much to say about the topic of clothing in general, I’m going to split this overview up into a 3 parts that I’ll release one by one over the next week(s). Here’s the topics we’ll cover:

Purposeful Apparel: The Foundation Of A Timeless Mini Wardrobe

The “Disposable” Clothing: The Pieces That Aren’t Meant To Last

Trendy Accents: Adding Some Sparkle To A Mini Closet

Can’t wait to share it all with you!  xxoo – Ashley

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