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House & Home: The Girl’s Room

We’ve already talked about the Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Master Bedroom, so now we are finally on the truly exciting – the kid’s rooms!  Sadly, I haven’t even begun on the boys room because I have had zero time and just finally got the flag I want to hang in there. Is it just me or do boys get gypped when it comes to cuteness? I always feel that way! We also don’t have a nursery anymore because are kids are so huge (8,6,4 & 3)  just the crib in our room, remember that time my husband put it back up?

When we bought the house, about two months ago, the only thing remarkable about the room was this…

“Remarkable” to say the least, right?

As I was taking the photos, Ever came in and said, “Look, I’m a boy, all dressed up!” The joy of older brothers. Move over Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

I’m really excited to finish their room. (And complete the dollhouse, which I’ve yet to reveal the inside of!) The girls love it, I love it, Joel loves it – even the boys are jealous!

  • chalice

    shut up. this is too perfect. like whoa.ReplyCancel

  • Oh, that fan… I really have no words besides what adult would ever hang something like that. Anyways, the girls room looks like it popped out of some design blog. It’s amazing ashley! propsReplyCancel

  • so darn cute ashley! i love it!ReplyCancel

  • Tera

    She’s the cutest boy I’ve ever seen! Plus I totally tought of Shiloh too! The room looks great Ash!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Jenkins

    What color is that on the walls? Such a pretty shade for the girls room!! you have a gift for sure 🙂ReplyCancel

  • jess mitchell

    stunning. i am so in love with this awesome room! it’s so simple, soft, girly, and sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Kearney

    I am dying over this!! This is exquisite! I love everything about it, amazing job Ashley!ReplyCancel

  • girl this looks great!! You have an eye for beauty:)ReplyCancel

  • Cassie

    Ashley, Jared and I just bought a new house and it needs all new carpet. We really want to do a dark walnut brown carpet, and I thought I remembered seeing dark carpet in your house. Everyone is warning us about how much work it’s going to be to keep it looking clean since it will show all dust, lint, ect, but I wanted to ask how you were liking the carpet dark…? I’m not sure any other color will go (since they have this awful orange-ish tile down that we can’t afford to replace right now), and I keep thinking, “Well the alternative would be for the carpet to be light and show all dirt, stains, ect.”, and that really doesn’t sound like a good trade off, especially since all “dirt” here is red clay mud and stains everything. Anyways, just wanted to ask your thoughts from experience. Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Ashley of Lovelock

      Hey! We love our dark carpet. You cant tell its dirty at all, although it has lots of texture so that might be part of it too. I think everyone should have dark carpet!ReplyCancel

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