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Five years ago today Joel & I were given the best gift of our lives. He was 13 days old, tiny, jumped at every noise, motion or bump.

I still can’t believe that his mother choose us to be his parents, that she gave him to us to raise and love, and that he is ours. We waited for him for 15 months, which felt like a lifetime, and when he finally came home it felt peacefully “right” (and I didn’t set him down for 5 seconds that whole first year because I couldn’t get enough of him).

It’s fitting that Cruz woke me up extra early today. The whole house was asleep when he yelled from his bed for me to come lay down with him and sing, “You Are My Sunshine” so that he could go back to sleep, haha.  I started to doze before him and then he said very convincingly, “Let’s get up!” So we made cinnamon rolls. xxoo

  • chalice

    man, i can’t believe it’s been five years! i so remember that post when you announced his homecoming! i was in like…i dunno 10th grade? and remember cheering at the computer scrolling through photos of that beautiful baby!:)

    giving thanks for precious cruz with you today!ReplyCancel

  • Kyrie Bushaw

    love that photo of you two!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy C Anderson

    You are wonderful parents to all your kiddos. We are thrilled to see how you’ve grown into such a loving family.ReplyCancel

  • That picture….he looks so happy…my heart melted! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Ashley W.

    Thanks Kyrie, I will treasure it forever!

  • Ashley W.

    Thanks Nana, had so much fun with you guys at dinner the other night! I’d say, “let’s do it again.” but I’m hoping we never have to be in ghetto LA at a hospital ever, ever, ever again! Maybe Katella Deli? And this time I’ll buy the Rugalach! 😉ReplyCancel

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