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(*Updated to add: Both rompers on the ends are Gap, as are both the sweaters. The grey dress on the left is Peek Kids, Mustard yellow dress is American Apparel, and the outfit in the middle is Mabo.)

Unfortunately/Fortunately I didn’t have anything in tiny little girl size, so you know what we had to do? Shop. The girls are in heaven! How are baby things getting so much cuter by the day? When Jude was a baby, things were not this cute!

So, along with that, we’ve just been cleaning the house and trying to be ready for whenever baby decides to arrive.


Now, for those who asked me questions/those who want to hear all the details…

We really truly considered not telling anyone about anything adoption wise until after the baby was here, but the more we realized we were bad at keeping secrets, the more we also realized that secrets aren’t going to make our friends want to adopt. (Hint, hint, anyone?!) So, while we are fully aware of the “risks” (if you call them that) of sharing it all with you, we also really hope that people will be able to learn from this process with us and be supportive of us no matter the outcome… and if you all adopted too, we’d be overjoyed!

That being said, here’s how we explained this whole situation to the kids, “There is a mommy who is considering adoption and we are going to do everything we can to help her while she makes her decision.” They understand that this means they go to Grandma & Grandpa’s while Daddy & Mommy go out to dinner with her, and that we are getting ready to bring the baby home, and that she has two options: A. She takes her baby home and parents her. OR B. She asks us to adopt her baby and then we get to be the baby’s family too.

To us, the “risk” is that we help this girl, but don’t necessarily adopt this specific child – not a bad thing, right?! Our prayer is that while this mom moves forward in her adoption plan, which she is, that she would have peace that it is the right decision for her and her baby. We will hear more about her hospital plan after the weekend, or maybe she’ll have the baby tomorrow? We are placing bets on that possibility it since our social worker is out of town and unavailable tomorrow only – babies love to make dramatic entrances.

And do you know what showed up on my doorstep last night? A box from Zara with this in it…

Julia, you are the best ever, and I’m guessing you had an accomplice?! Thank you, thank you!

  • Christina

    Ashley, you and your family are amazing.
    A M A Z I N G !ReplyCancel

  • Ken Munson

    Oh, my! Oh, my! Oh, my! New babies everywhere! It’s wonderful! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Julia Myers

    Ahhhhhh! SO excited for you guys! This makes me so excited for our future adoption 🙂 Praying God’s will is done and a healthy girl is brought into this world as peacefully as possible and into the arms that God has ordained for her. <3ReplyCancel

  • Nancy C Anderson

    What an adventure! We can’t wait to meet her.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Campos

    I got a little wrapped up in this and burned my dinner I’ll have you know. I’m so happy for you guys. Praying for the Lord’s perfect will with timing and the birthmom’s peace about her decision. That crochet dress is ADORABLE!ReplyCancel

  • Christina Beck

    Love this!ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Agosta Moredock

    So excited for you! Can’t wait to see her picture!ReplyCancel

  • Sherry Hemphill

    God Love YOU , You guys are awesomeReplyCancel

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