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Thrice A Birthday

It’s the joy of a large family, holidays have become joint birthday parties. This Mother’s Day was Quin, Katie, & Zara’s day to celebrate.

Quin’s favorite is In-N-Out so Lindsay made her little cheeseburger cupcakes in honor of her obsession. And I gave her this rad bag. Not that a 2 year old can really appreciate this sort of bag, but it is so gosh darn adorable I had to take a picture of it.

Not sure if Rara or Nana had a better time, but I have a guess…

Too many pictures of Dean? Impossible.




Can’t handle Quin in this sequence!

My dad still can’t hold anything over 10 pounds while standing up. He can hold Dean like this for a few minutes before his hands give out, so they make the most of those few minutes.

Dean, Dean, Dean. My favorite little munchkin! Look at all the rolllssss!

  • Sue Wheelock

    How fun. Both of my kids birthdays and my own and my husbands birthday is this month. Between the parties and Mother’s Day, it’s madness. Next year just one giant day of celebrating or a nice trip to celebrate them all! ReplyCancel

  • Lili Munson

    How great everyone looks. Happy grandma and grandpa!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy C Anderson

    I loved the pictures of Ron sleeping. How he can fall asleep like that, I’ll never know! I’m glad I was wide awake to sing You are My Sunshine with baby Dean.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley W.

    Yep! We always just to something special like a trip or visit to disneyland. Jude & I share a birthday, so it’s a good excuse for one bigger fun event. Have fun with all your fam!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley W.

    Haahahaa, we must bore him since he’s used to fancy paperwork. 😉 Love you guys, thanks for coming and partying with us!ReplyCancel

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