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After growing up in Orange County, California I met my husband Joel in October of 2001, at college, and it was love at first sight….for him.  I, on the other hand, wasn’t interested and decided to ignore him. For a whole year.  After a very serious repentance (spurred by my sister’s annoyance that I wouldn’t even go out on one date with such a “cute guy”) we started dating.  Two weeks later, Joel left for winter break in  Mexico and shortly after that I left for my final semester of college in England.  Spring break brought us together again, and he proposed!  Four and half months later, we were married in August of 2003.  Then the best thing ever happened – four darling children arrived in the following four years.

Today, I stay home with our babies during the week and shoot weddings on the weekends. Joel works at a private Christian college (he’s the smarter spouse) and the best daddy I could ever imagine. We have a very simple and beautiful life filled with our faith in God, many loving family and friends, and adorable home that we adore.  Our goal as individuals, and as a family, is to serve the Lord with all that we are, in all the ways that we can – sometimes this means we have too much to do, but it’s all worth it.

Thanks for reading and for your sweet comments.  xxoo -Ashley


  • Kristin Carter Vaughan

    Ashley, I really enjoy looking through your blog. The last time I saw you was right after you had your son Jude. I came to visit you with my sister Caitlin. You look like you are doing wonderful. Praise God for that beautiful, healthy family of yours. I’m very happy for you. I think that it’s awesome too that you have adopted. How wonderful. That is something that my husband and I have talked about and God has laid on our hearts. Still in prayer about it. Did you go through an adoption service? You are also such a gifted photographer. That’s so cool to have those memories 😉 I am trying your frappe concoction tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it turns out! haha Xoxo, Kristin ( Oh and we drink raw milk too, 14$ Holy Cow! I pay less than 3$ at the Amish farm 5 minutes down the road!)ReplyCancel

  • Brittney Stasi

    I know just what you mean by to much to do! Love it!ReplyCancel

  • oh my goodness, i’ve just spent the last hour looking through your blog. you are such a doll. and your kiddos? oh my, total sweetness. i found you via morgan at mama loves papa. my husband and i have three kids (3 in 3.5 years), but we have always had the desire to adopt one day, not now, but maybe in the future, so your blog is very inspiring. 🙂 i also “homeschool” my kids (well, they go to preschool/daycare two mornings a week, but that’s b/c i work at my church as the children’s director, anywho), and love getting new ideas and books to read, just ordered some via amazon based on your suggestions- thanks! looking forward to getting to know you more! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mary Gubein

    Oh Ashley I just realized your blog ties in with facebook, so enjoy reading it! What a beautiful family and so blessed!ReplyCancel

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