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newborn photographer los alamitos california-Newest nephew Fox joined our family on July 13th, just 13 minutes before my mom’s birthday! We keep joking he wanted his own birthday since July is a hectic birthday month. Recapping: my niece Ruby is born the 11th, Linds (my sister) the 12th, Fox the 13th, and my mom the 14th. We’re going to have to stop having “joint birthday parties” and upgrade to a bonanza or Soiree. Also, this kid was a whopping 13 days late. Katie’s my new idol.

-We are finally settled in the new house. My kids wouldn’t sleep alone for the first two months here since the house is huge and it feels so different than our previous tiny house. I slept on the floor of the boys room several times, and paid for it dearly. I’m 30 now, which apparently means I can’t sleep with a plush mattress topped with a extra plush mattress topper.

-Quin + Ruby had their fist all day all night cousin sleepover (without their mommy). They made me a video list of everything they wanted to do while they were at Aunties house, and sent it to me the day before. We accomplished everything except “make candy” because their mother made me promise not to give them sugar, haha!seal beach family vacation


Zara is my kid who doesn’t like to smile in pictures. I’ve always been against saying “smile” when a kid isn’t feeling it, so she always looks like she’s in a stoic vintage photograph. Works well with the dress though, right?! Don’t you love the collar?! Check out Emma Levine or @EmmaLevineKidsandBaby on insta! xxoo

mommy blogger southern californiaZara Emma Levine dress orange county

It’s one of the trends I can be happy about. Like when the “mom bun” was all the sudden trendy it was super convenient because I’d always been wearing one. Gingham has always been a go-to for me. My kids have way too much gingham…if there is such a thing.

ChildrenEver Sonora Baby ModelBaby Girl wearing Gingham


Ever is obsessed with her boots. I didn’t know how I felt about her wearing them all them time because they seem so heavy, but she loves them so much she doesn’t seem to mind.

I have very rarely been able to get anything up for WTAWW, so I decided to just go with a whole new “fashion column” and this way it doesn’t matter what day of the week (or how often) I post. And I’ll try to add links to similar items when I can too. xxoo

Dress: Thrifted // Boots: Steve Madden

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