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One of my favorite lakes has always been Rock Creek. We hit it a little late this year to really show off its beauty, since the elevation is a tad higher there, and thus “winter” strikes earlier… most of the aspen were already leafless.9_camping-in-mammoth-day-four-0609_camping-in-mammoth-day-four-069In case anyone is curious as to why there are so few photos of the boys, it’s because they literally fished every second of every day and I basically couldn’t even keep up with them. That’s Jude finishing the creek in his waders.

9_camping-in-mammoth-day-four-0739_camping-in-mammoth-day-four-077If we hadn’t been dying from the altitude/asthma, we would have been able to hike a lot further, but we are basically decrepit. 9_camping-in-mammoth-day-four-0669_camping-in-mammoth-day-four-0819_camping-in-mammoth-day-four-0869_camping-in-mammoth-day-four-087

I wanted to capture how static-y their hair is up here, so I asked them to take their beanies off. I will love this picture forever.

And the most exciting element of our day? EVER CAUGHT HER FIRST TROUT. We kept telling her to stop messing with her pole, because forgoodnesssakes you don’t need to reel and move the thing around one bajillion times. Joel finally went over to try to untangle her, and she says, “It’s been making a funny noise.” Turns out there was a fish on there, and had been for awhile, which is why she kept messing with it. Only Ever could catch a fish and not even know it.9_camping-in-mammoth-day-four-0919_camping-in-mammoth-day-four-092

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You forget how blinding the mountain sun is, until a. you are sunburnt in a matter of minutes or b. you are trying to take a picture. I had intentions to take a zillion pictures yesterday, but I was  scorned by the sun. We are getting to the creek extra early today, which means beautiful morning sun. If there’s anything to get up early for, its good lighting!

0_camping-in-mammoth-daythree-069Twin lakes shot. Because everyone’s doing it.0_camping-in-mammoth-daythree-0610_camping-in-mammoth-daythree-059Our tribe visited the Indian Caves. (Hard to believe those white kids are Native American, haha!) I couldn’t go in, it’s just too claustrophobic… I would have made a bad squaw!0_camping-in-mammoth-daythree-065She swore she heard something in the tree, and I swore she was crazy. Then a deadly chipmunk ran out toward us. Which explains this stressing 2nd photo. 0_camping-in-mammoth-daythree-0660_camping-in-mammoth-daythree-067If everything, looks crooked in that photo above, it is! That’s a dreaded California fault-line. This one split straight into the mountain…those faults are all around us at home!!0_camping-in-mammoth-daythree-068Finished off the day at the lake and eating organic barbecued chicken (from our favorite Diamond Mountain Ranch). It got super windy toward sunset and now my cheeks have that slapped, hot-red look/feel. I’m lathered in beauty products, hoping it doesn’t get worse. As much as I love it up here, I don’t know if I would ever get used to the static and dry-ness!


You can see day one of our trip HERE and day two HERE.

After a terrible night of sleep – leaking shower, caving-in bed, and Zara’s arthritis flaring up – we all got out of the cabin, albeit a bit later than expected!

While the boys did a little more of this …camping-in-mammoth-day-two-061camping-in-mammoth-day-two-062… the girls drove around town and enjoyed a relaxing day, and hit the bakery. Again.camping-in-mammoth-day-two-049camping-in-mammoth-day-two-055camping-in-mammoth-day-two-058camping-in-mammoth-day-two-056camping-in-mammoth-day-two-060camping-in-mammoth-day-two-053



The trees are dreammmmyyy right now. Aspens are glorious!!

We’re heading into the wilderness today, so we’ll get some real forest/nature shots and do some panning for gold. Here’s to hoping for some animal sightings (without attacks) and loads of gold, haha!


You can see day one of our trip HERE.

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