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Couldn’t decide which of these to share on instagram, so I decided that even thought they are just iPhone photos, they are funny enough to be a post!

My sister, Lindsay, found a Slip N Slide which was just about our most favorite toy we ever had as kids. How could we resist making it into a full family party? Double awesome, is that it also fell on Grandparent’s Day. Not that we typically celebrate, but you know, there’s never a wrong time to party.  Unfortunately, we are also in a huge drought here so the fun only lasted as long as we needed to water the grass!

IMG_5247IMG_5180Slip and Slide! Playing in the WaterCrossfit Slip N Slide

I think Jeremy won for the most epic splash, but he spent the rest of the day on a heating pad because he hurt his neck, haha! Sad day when the baby in your family is getting decrepit enough to get hurt doing childish things.