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It’s been 9 years since Joel and I started eating healthy and working toward a chemical-free life. The first three years of our marriage were spent blissfully unaware, for the most part, of anything toxic. Baby Zara, whose body was very much aware of all things toxic, decided to introduce us to just how much our lifestyle could affect our bodies, and that’s where it all began. She was a crash course in what not to eat, and that no matter how many claims Johnson & Johnson makes as to their “hypo-allergenic” baby wash, it was indeed, not truly hypo-allergenic.

Today, we’ve been able to wipe out almost all the chemicals in our house, which I feel is a huge accomplishment. We clean the house with vinegar, baking soda, and food safe alcohol (usually vodka) that we combine with essential oils to make our own multipurpose cleaners. My kids only use a few Honest Co. products, mainly shampoo, conditioner, and oil, because less is more. But you know what I have failed miserably at? Finding anything that works for my make-up. In these 9 years, I think between my sister and I, we have probably tried every type of “organic” and “natural” products out there… and each time I promptly went back to my high-end (toxic) makeup because, whatever else it was, it worked better and I liked it more. To make using it “less bad,” I tried to avoid wearing makeup when I was at home, but that wasn’t ideal because I still end up wearing it at least every other day.

Then we discover The Environmental Working Group, and they eventually released the EWG app (which I think everyone should have because it’s free and terribly enlightening.) Everything in my house was a 0-2 on their scale, which is good, and ALL my makeup was a 8-10….worst rating ever! Oh, and my favorite lipstick that I always said made my lips feel numb? It’s a topper at 10, no kidding!! I can’t say enough good things about the EWG and the work they do, look at their website and enter a few of your household or body care items just for “fun.” It’s completely addictive to find out the ingredients in products we usually don’t think twice about.

organic lipstick

That leads me to the best discovery of 2015 thus far (thanks to my sister) my new foundation, aka skin tint, and lipstick. Huge sigh of relief to finally have a nontoxic option that I love using! When Lindsay told me about BeautyCounter, I basically shrugged them off, because I was afraid it would be just another failed attempt to find anything better than what I had. Being that Lindsay is actually an aesthetician, I should have given her more credit. I mean, she’s only been doing this whole make-up and skincare stuff for 10 years. But what are sisters for, if not for fact checking each other? And after my own lengthy research, then buying the products, and now using them for a few weeks – I’m so into them, and my lips aren’t numb anymore! (I feel so completely stupid for sticking with a product that caused that, but in my defense was a fabulous color! Vanity!)

How to use beauty counter productsNontoxic Makeup brushesCleanest face products

For the next 48 hours, I’m hosting an online makeup party with BeautyCounter just because I’ve had so many people ask me about it since my sister started working with them. I 100% believe that they are some, if not the top, safest products on the market and all that can be double-checked by reading the ingredients of each product and using the EWG’s rating system to look into them yourself. (Plus I love supporting my sister’s cute family via this new venture, because it’s a worthy one at any rate, but a worthy one that allows a mom to stay at home with her kids? Thats a plus on top of a plus!) I just heard they are about to start carrying this line in both J. Crew & Goop, so you know that means they exceed well beyond average.

My last, and most chemically laden item we still use is super hold hairspray…which I’m hoping I will find a cleaner option soon that actually works, maybe BeautyCounter will fulfill my wish and release one this year?! I feel like that’s a big request though, because let’s be real, most healthy people probably don’t probably use hair spray at all. Maybe I should go for dreads?

  • Julia Myers

    Euphora has an amazing hairspray that isn’t completely chemical free but it’s got a lot less than most! And it smells good, too!ReplyCancel

  • Sylvia Osorno

    Thanks for posting about this! I’d love to get my family toxic free. Would you mind sharing (either in comments or another post) about your cleaning tips? I’ve only known how to clean with bleach and other chemical cleaners, so I don’t even know how to start cleaning with baking soda and the other items you mentioned.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Ruiz

    Melaleuca has a hairspray!ReplyCancel

  • Candace Wingo

    I’m happy you found something you like and you can trust and also that it helps Lindsay.ReplyCancel

The kids got out of school just in time to catch two colds back-to-back! Puts a small damper on doing anything too spectacular to celebrate the end of the year, but the kids already told me all about what they’d like to do this summer. (Some of these I’m hoping to sneak in to the school year when they are less crowded. Homeschooling perks, right?!)

Ever’s goals…

nuzzle_l.gif(image found here)

Visit some miniature ponies. No surprises here. Ever’s requested to spend the whole summer with animals, groom a full sized horse, and visit a working farm.

Zara’s ideas…

Universal_Studios_Fountain(image found here)

Watch Jurassic World and go to on the Jurassic Park ride. She doesn’t really even care about Universal studios as a whole or even know what else is there, it’s just the Jurassic Park ride that’s the real draw. (Did you hear they are putting in Harry Potter land next year?! My entire family plans to go. Can’t wait!)

Cruz’s ideas…

Visit the NHM…again. We’ve been so many times, but can’t get enough of museums, and this one is the Cruz’s favorite.

Jude’s goal…


(image found here)

Dream big right? He’s hoping we make it to Alaska. (I’m looking for a compromise of Northern California or the Sierras, although I’d really love to take a trip to Alaska too.) I have my doubts we’ll make it that far this year.

I have my own list going of some hopes to squeeze in there, but our schedule is pretty near full to the brink. At very least, I’m looking forward to lots of day trips to lots of new places! Local people pass on your suggestions, especially for hot days!

Embarrassingly enough, this is my first post “real” of 2015. Lucky for me, I can back date posts thanks to this savvy blog, so we can just pretend like we didn’t miss anything… (scroll further down and see a few new posts with some of our fun parties and recipes and life.) I had started soooo many of these posts started and never uploaded the photos to get them published. Most exciting though, is that Zara wants to “help” me blog, so she came up with some fun things to do here! If you love baby dolls, or hair, or being 9 years old – you’re going to be completely entertained. She is an adorable, creative mind.

Here are a few (of the zillions) of photos that didn’t make it to instagram:

Happy New Year Blog 8402Love living by the beach I grew up at. Really honestly never thought this was a possibility!

Happy New Year Blog 8413

Katie gave all four the kids cuts in one day, love the way they turned out!Happy New Year Blog 8410

Happy New Year Blog 8417

Zara wants to be just like Uncle Zac, so her washable tattoos went on her ring finger just like his is.
Happy New Year Blog 8406

Playing at Rossmoor park during spring is always the prettiest!Happy New Year Blog 8405

Ever is deathly afraid of getting lost after she has scared herself a few times walking off. Now you can count on a serious grip like this anywhere in public.Happy New Year Blog 8403

Our Disneyland passes expired, which we are super sad about, but it’s summertime, so we’ll just fill that Disney time with lots of beach days!