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Things To Do For Ten?

I didn’t know I was going to be a wedding photographer when we got married. Thus, due to working at a college and not wanting to get married during a semester, we got married in August (even thought I really wanted to get married in October). Had I known how busy our life would be each August for the next stretch of life, I might have seriously reconsidered our wedding date. Or maybe we’d have run to Vegas instead.

This year holds our 10 year anniversary, and as usual with wedding “season” and all, we have every weekend filled. I’m late in the game anyway with just a month to go to plan something, but still haven’t thought of anything that seems worth the effort – it doesn’t have to be gaudy or dramatic, just somewhere quirky within Southern California. (One year the kids suggested we go to Chuck E. Cheese for our anniversary, it was amazing, but I don’t think it’s fitting for a decade celebration!)

Photos are from a wedding we did awhile back. I forgot about them until today, luckily they are a perfect match for this post.

Sarah Bard - SO pretty! You guys are too cute!

Tasha Kennedy - Ah, Ten years? You guys are like the coolest family ever. Me and Lindsay Kennedy are always talking about how we hope our family looks like yours in 8 years :) Wish we could catch up with you all! Please tell me one day you all will come to York!

Sue Wheelock - Are you looking for a weekend get away or just a single nights date? I wanted to go here for our anniversary ( which is tomorrow) but our daughter isn’t at a good age to leave her overnight yet.

The Weekender: Splash Pad

We had a family first this weekend — first adventure to a “splash pad.” Our friend Mark lives in this cute little neighborhood near us and invited us over for a swim so we could enjoy something cool (it was over 100 that day). The kids are pretty sure they should move in with Mark because having a splash pad makes you instantly more fun than boring parents! (Are you dying over the girls ladybug floaties? I can’t get over them!)

Time got away from me, but my mom reminded me that the end of the voting us coming up. In one day to be exact and ends on Tuesday at 4pm. If you get a chance to give it one more vote I would be grateful. (I think I’m 5th right now.)

Alireza Hosseni - It is great to check out the hi Vblagtvn.

The Weekender: The Four on the Fourth

Nothing went as expected this long weekend. The kids all got a little virus of some sort with a fever and headache (which 2 days after subsiding turned into a chest cold!) So instead of pool days and seeing friends, we stayed around the house and watched the fireworks from our lawn. It ended up being a whole lot of fun. I am so beyond thankful for my parents who watched all four of the sickies so I could work my wedding this weekend! It’s amazing that they watch all four on a good day, but then they took them sick which is incredible. (P.S. We are all germ freaks, so you know it’s really an extra loving thing to do in our family.)


Voting ends in 6 days, and you can vote for our blog once a day on Circle of Moms! I will try to add a link to each post for the next 6 days as a reminder since you can vote once a day! xxoo

Estie Martin - Zara Lost her teeth! YAY… tell them all that I say HI!

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

I recently posted on Inspiration Den about our garden we were planning. In all truth, it was more of a plan that was just up in the clouds somewhere and eventually, perhaps in the cooler weather of fall, we would get around to it.  Then, this past week out of nowhere (thanks to my husband) we had a garden. So now I need suggestions, what are your favorite foods to grow? Where do you find your organic plants or seeds? How do you survive all 90 hours of weekly watering required to have a garden? (So much work I tell you, Joel is taking the brunt of it!)

I’m proudly-ashamed to say that we bought worms for our garden which I hear is essential for healthy plants! xxoo

Aimee - Ashley, I try to plant things that are hardy and don’t need to much attention. I do have arrogation system which really helps. (You can make one for super cheap) lettuce, beets, green onion, (different types) Swiss chard. And you could puts herbs in your empty spaces. These seem to do well even when I forget to water after a week lol

Ashley of Lovelock - Yes! We are planning to have some sort of system tied into our timer, just trying to work it out for both the fruit trees and the planter boxes. We have lettuce too, and a few hardy herbs. I think I’m going to see if we can do a second round of Kale and Lettuce since there is so much time left before frost!

Heather Lewis - I want to know too, so I’m hoping I’ll get notified of comments after mine!

Bonnie Carson Kilgore - Plants: Zucchini, tomatoes (roma, beefsteak, grape, yellow pear), bell peppers (all colors), carrots, cucumbers, corn (kind of difficult), beans, peas, onions (red, yellow, green), watermelon, canteloupe, strawberries (can take up to a year to produce fruit), cayenne peppers, jalapeno peppers, habanero peppers, garlic.

Herbs: cilantro (grasshoppers don’t like this), basil, dill, parsely, sage, marjoram, oregano, stevia.

Watering: battery powered timer, drip irrigation or soaker hose system (hand watering can take a LONG time).

Organic Seeds: Heirloom seeds (brand name) can be found online or at Armstrong Nursery.

Heather Lewis - @[100000858347516:2048:Bonnie Carson Kilgore] can you plant certain plants among others to keep certain pests away? Like if grasshoppers don’t like cilantro, can you intermingle cilantro with other plants they do like to keep them away from the others??

Ashley W. - I have cilantro, basil & stevia, along with tomatoes and bell peppers, so I’m on the right track. I can’t wait to to try the rest of your suggestions!

The Weekender: She’s So Much Fun!

I was making a quick smoothie to give the kids before bed on Friday when Zara had a little accident.

She had decided to dig out a very-too-small pair of footie pajamas from her sisters drawer, and topped that with an attempt to “jumprope” with her blanket. The combination of jumping, tripping and not being able to full extend her legs landed her poor little mouth straight to our very hard floor. She was literally smack-dab in the middle of Joel and I and neither of us could reach her in time, we just watched her hit face first. I, of course, screamed, Joel grabbed a towel, and then compressed the cut the best I could. Once I got her chin slow down, I realized I must have missed something because there was still a lot of bleed going on. Two-for-one people, she also bit all the way through her lip! Oh, joy. It was pretty clear by how out of place things were that we were going to need a handful of stitches.

So we spent the night in the ER. It was slow, which is good we didn’t have to be around a trillion sick people, but it even still it took forever to get done. By the time we got home it was nearly two in the morning. Joel had to run out to get a little pain meds for her, and then he was home by three. It’s been a painful few past days, but she is such a trooper!  The nurses thought she was doll and were laughing at her antics. They told her, “Even the big scary guys with tattoos squirm when we stitch them. You are brave.”  She’s pretty amped on her accomplishments, how she can make a plus out of this injury is beyond me.

Yesterday she told me, “You always say, ‘don’t do that, you could crack your head!’ And I always wondered what it felt like to crack my head, so much that I almost wanted to crack my head! Now I don’t wonder it anymore and I DEFINITELY do not want to crack my head ever again.”

In the words of my mother, since there are few other words that can sum her up right now, “She’s so much fun!”


In other recent new, I wrote a little article for Darling about adoption. Feel free to tweet it, pin it and share it on Facebook! And I hear that you can vote for our blog once a day on Circle of Moms rather than just once!  xxoo

Kristin Vaughan - Aww poor Zara, I pray she’s healing well! I feel like a bum looking at this picture because I think I would have stayed home with my other daughter and had my husband take her alone to the ER. I love how you guys make it a family affair :)

Ashley W. - Ha, probably wasn’t the best idea, but I was literally “holding her together” so we all had to go! We usually divide forces when something like this happens.

Candace Wingo - She is so much fun. Thanks for the expanded version of the story.

Heather Lewis - We had a similar experience last year when Jarrod cut his head open, by walking upstairs with a blanket on his head and he tripped on it! I was holding pressure on his cut so Bobby had to drive and we had to take everyone! Praying she heals quick!

Ashley W. - I feel like all parents have a few of these moments (and one of those kids who would do such a thing! ha!) You know it’s only going to get worse the more we have right? ;)