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Couldn’t decide which of these to share on instagram, so I decided that even thought they are just iPhone photos, they are funny enough to be a post!

My sister, Lindsay, found a Slip N Slide which was just about our most favorite toy we ever had as kids. How could we resist making it into a full family party? Double awesome, is that it also fell on Grandparent’s Day. Not that we typically celebrate, but you know, there’s never a wrong time to party.  Unfortunately, we are also in a huge drought here so the fun only lasted as long as we needed to water the grass!

IMG_5247IMG_5180Slip and Slide! Playing in the WaterCrossfit Slip N Slide

I think Jeremy won for the most epic splash, but he spent the rest of the day on a heating pad because he hurt his neck, haha! Sad day when the baby in your family is getting decrepit enough to get hurt doing childish things.

How many pictures do you take a week? I take a ton of photos that we never “do” anything with just to remember a moment or activity. I have goals to make new family albums and prints this year – one for each of the kids, so they can have them when they are grown! The everyday pictures I have from growing up are my favorite. Especially photos of all my siblings together.

Joel Wingo Sleeping Professor

My husband always falls asleep when I am talking to him. It’s sort of offensive, because obviously I’m not that boring, right?! Since he works like 9,731 hours a week, you really can’t blame him, no one is that interesting. Plus, posting a picture of him mid-sleep is retaliation enough for being ignored.

I’m not generally a fan of covers or remixes, but when it comes to Birdie and/or Skinny Love, I’ll accept it with open arms.

Baby Fox the FashionableI always take way too many of Fox. I mean, who wouldn’t?! This is a couple weeks ago, on a more grumpy face kinda day (he’s actually the best baby ever, just knows how to scowl!) Below is a newer more plumpin’ image!

Baby Fashionista
Those lips, that belly, those arms. Sigghhhhh!

Bite Beauty BloggerI’m obsessed with my new BITE gloss from my POPSUGAR must-have box. I honestly have never tried any other boxes because I wasn’t sure if I’d like anything in them, I mean so many of them just seem random! I was pleasantly surprised to get a gorgeous box filled with things I really do love – and I’ve already had 10 compliments on the lipgloss, so they were spot on with the color too! They are offering a coupon for $10 off a 3 month subscription: AUG14SELECT

(Just FYI: POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it. And there are ZERO referral links in my post, I’m merely sharing because I really enjoyed my box!)IMG_4488.JPGLast, I thought maybe the kids and I could get a cute picture to text to Joel, or maybe to instagram, but you know, sometimes thing just don’t go as planned. 😉

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