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Occasionally, in the past, I did a little post called “Confession Sunday” where I told you a few of my deepest darkest secrets. And although it’s not Sunday, and I’m not part of a religious group that necessitates confessionals, you are in luck today… here it is:

I love online personality tests.

But lest you see me as a psycho-mommy-narcissist just sitting at home wanting to know all about my own personality (because that doesn’t really have much to do with it) more accurately, I love personality tests that match me up with my favorite TV show’s characters. Any guess on who my Downton Abbey match is?



Lord, help my husband. I would be lying if I didn’t say that she is by far my favorite character in the show, so while you (and my husband) might all be mortified that I’m announcing Violet as my personality doppelgänger, I was somewhat pleased that she and I have so much in common.

Downton Abbey series two

Which Downton character are you? Anyone else take the test yet?

And in the feisty spirit Dowager Countess of Grantham. I ask you to watch and seriously consider the video below.

I wonder where those babies would have ended up if he hadn’t been there? And on the flip side, imagine how many people probably thought he had lost it when he told them about his box for babies… makes you want to rethink life doesn’t it?

We stayed in and had a dressy dinner before spending the night snuggling and then banging some pots and pans at midnight to wake the neighbors! Ever tried to go to sleep at 10:50, and I begged her to stay awake, hah!

We’re excited for a new year, but tomorrow means back to work for Joel and school for the kids, which is making me a tad bit sad (selfish, I know!) I wince a tad when thinking about the future because I would love things to just stay the same forever and ever, but trust that God will get us through 2014 like he has all the rest. Cheers! xxoo

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(We needed a picture to give our socialworker and didn’t have ANY. I’m not kidding, the last one was in 2011. That handy self timer has been my saving grace.)

I kinda love the whole “Year in Review” thing that happens on Facebook. It makes me laugh all over and then also reflect on how inappropriate I am. (Unapologetically, of course.) For example:

-Joel, “You look so beautiful.” Me, “Stop it, I do not.” Joel, “I know, I just thought it would be funny since you are so disheveled today.” Bonus points for using the word disheveled, couch points for the rest of that sentence.

-I just said to my husband, “do you want In N Out, or do you want to cook dinner?”  It’s a win-win for me.

-You guys. Last week I put in an order to Gap to purchase somethings for Joel before the start of the semester as is my usual custom. The package arrived today, so I asked him to try on everything so I could see how it looked. He started through the items and got to a gray shirt which he put on (complaining loudly about the fit) and then said, “Wow, I mean who would even wear a cut like this?!” It was right at that moment that I realized I WOULD wear a cut like that, and I had just made my husband try on a women’s shirt. If it wasn’t so obscene I would have posted a picture for you to laugh too, but I’m seriously going to need therapy, so I thought we should spare you. (And we both cried we were laughing so hard.) Wife of the year right here.

-Just came across this picture of the beautiful Minster in York. Joel had the brilliant idea to climb all the way to the top of one of those towers to propose to me, but what he didn’t know is that I have claustrophobia. When we got to the hundredth and something step in the tower, I started to panic because there were no windows and literally just about 18 inches of space to climb through on really steep stairs. He had to PUSH me up the rest of the way saying, “Theres no where else to go!” Needless to say, he didn’t propose at the top. 12 years later, I see it as a win! I didn’t have to spend any time convincing him my claustrophobia was real and that has made our marriage a whole lot happier (for me anyway).