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1. Zara, 2. Gap, 3. Zara, 4. J. Crew, 5. Zara, 6. Splendid

My baby girl will be 6 in just a few weeks. All she asked for is a pretty dress. I haven’t been able to find exactly what she described, so I’m still not sure what I’ll get, but here are a few things I came across that I think she would love also. She wants to match me, or at least have on the same style of clothes, isn’t that so sweet? 

A little conditioning of the hair, some henna & fresh nail polish before bed equals two very happy (and pretty) girls!

(This henna kit was awful. The dye was runny and wouldn’t set properly. Very disappointing.  But we’ve used this kit before and it was fantastic!)

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  • Linnea T.

    Oh boy Zara looks like your CARBON COPY!! Sooooo cute! Great pics.
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If you know Ever, you know just what a beautiful little darling she is. You also know that she is way too smart.

My dad has made up some great nicknames for her.

“Snow Gopher” – Really don’t have to ask how she got this one do you?  I mean, the teeth and hair just scream “snow gopher” right?

“The Mad Scientist” –  Her bed head makes her look so Einstein-ish. And by “mad” he means insane. She is.

“Ever-who” I don’t know what this is. It just sounds funny to say, so he says it.

And my husband has taken in my father’s foot steps with nicknaming,

“Ever So-no-no-cakes”

Which is a mix of Ever Sonora, with the “cakes” bit being borrowed from “Katie-cakes” (My dad’s nickname for my sister-in-law Katie), and the “No no” from… okay, He just threw that in there for craziness.

I still call her “Everly.”

Cruz loves to call her “Ebs” as do the other children.

The day of these photos, she told me she wanted me to take some pictures of her pony tail because she had been wearing it all day. This is a new thing to actually leave her hair be all day long. I love it!

  • She is so clever and seriously the cutest kid ever – say hi to her (and the rest of the kiddies) from the girls! How’s the move going?ReplyCancel