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I’m having trouble sleeping

It is way too late to be up consider all the goings on of tomorrow…err, today, at which I am necessary, but I thought, “I’m up, why not blog.” So here I am!

One of the recent “developments” is that my baby brother moved to England. Actually, he’s still on a plane now, but he’s almost there, and will be – for six months.  This isn’t the first time he’s left.  He spent a semester in Germany a year ago, but for some reason, a semester (which can be counted easily in weeks) and 6 months (which means he won’t be home until Christmas) just seem so dramatically different. We’re all sad about him leaving.  I wish I could say I’m excited for him awesome opportunity, but I’m not really.  I’d rather he just stayed here.  How’s that for honest?  He is of course exstactic, because it is a great experience to have & gain, and he’s good at meeting new people, moving, traveling, etc.  It’s perfect for him!

Anyhow, my parents had a lovely graduation/going away party for him!  I don’t have my photos from it since they are on my other computer, but here are some I stole from my sister’s facebook.

Ruby & the girls love each other so much. Ruby was following Ever around try to do everything she did. It was hysterical!

Uncle Jerm with all of his nieces & nephews

Linds & Baby Quin

The next 4 are possibly my favorite, Uncle Zac is so good with all the kids, they think he is the greatest!

Me & Lindsay with Quin

I wanted to hold her the entire time!

Zara loves Quinny-Boo!

My favorite tiny being. She is seriously such a doll, it’s ridiculous!

Laura - Well, I’ve never met Ever, but I am pretty sure I am in love with her – how about those EXPRESSIONS!!?? So cute.

hannah - wow! how awesome for your brother!
totally get you, wanting him to stay put though;)

love all the sweet photos! what a precious, joy filled party!


Becks - so i’m pretty sure Zac was in my store this weekend.. i kept thinking, this beautiful couple looks super familiar to me.. :) so i checked out your photos, and yep.. 99% sure it was them :)

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Meet My Friends!

Okay, so I can jam everyone into this one post, so I’m just going to name a few, and then I’ll do this again very soon!  Since I’m on a little “intermission” from blogging, I think you should all take this opportunity to meet some people I LUHHHVVAHHH!  In no particular order:

1. Annie:  I love this girl so much!  Her brother and I were good friends in High School, and I can’t remember the first exact moment that I meet Annie, but I liked her instantly.  It’s no surprise as he entire family is extremely and highly likable, but now, oh my goodness, her children are SO absolutely adorable.  Check her out:

2. Xela: Sister-in-law to Annie (wife of my good friend!), also momma to two girls and seriously, this fam just produces beautiful children!  We’ve yet to meet in real life, but it’s hopefully happening this October.  Pictures will follow.

3. Kelly: I have known this girl for her entire life. When we were smaller, she was just the “baby sister” of two of my best friends, but then we grew up, and now she is actually a friend.  ;)  I’ve got some good stories on this one…

4. & 5. Linnea & Hannah: Technically they are my husband’s cousins, but I just say they are my cousins.  These darling sisters are both married and have a child a piece. I just got to meet Hannah’s Elijah this year!  (And I’ll see him again in September!)  They both have blogs: Linnea- & Hannah -

I’ve got a list going in my head now of the next 5 to show you, but for now, I must hit the hay!  The big reveal of my crazy turned upside down house is just a few days away!  And, I never mention it on here just because I feel like it seems pushy, but you can also check out a few of the recent shoots I’ve done here: There will be a few more up there in the next few days because I’ve been really busy with work! Enjoy!

hannah - you sweet girl! we are blessed to be cousins!
can’t wait to see y’all.
and i am looking forward to seeing all these projects you’ve been working on! you busy bee!


Xela - I love this! I need to do this!! You are so sweet and I definitely hope we get to meet this fall :)

Busy Bee

I am seriously dyinnnnnggg to blog about everything that’s happening right now.  I have 1.2 million amazing pictures to show you and half a trillion other tales to tell!!  I’ve been slammed with everything going on, but I’m hoping after Wednesday things will be calmed down a lot more! I really looking forward to relaxing. Really. And Blogging.

I leave you with a photo from an engagement session I did tonight.  Cross your fingers I get a moment to blog again this weekkkkk!!!  <3


hannah - hope you get some down time, woman!
this photo is beautiful!

Oh Boy.

You will not believe what I have to tell  you, show you, share with you… and now you are going to get a suspenseful pause. I’ll give you a few clues though.

1. Someone looks like an 80 year old man who needs dentures.

2. Someone is (hopefully) never going to give birth ever, ever again.

3. Someone has paint, sawdust, wood stain, & wood sealer under their nails.

4. Someone has 7 days to get every undone house project completed. Ahem.

That sums it up, but OH BOY, when I actually tell these stories I think we’ll all be crying with laughter. I have been anyway.



Annie L. - Oh my goodness, I think I have a few ideas. Can’t wait to see what is going on :) …p.s. I totally stalk your blog, it is definitely my favorite right now. Your posts add even more sunshine to my days. Thank you!

Laura - OkAY! I’ve been WAITING!!! I know at least one of these, but want to know the rest – thanks for the pictures for the kids, too.

hannah - you crack me up.

What They Are Wearing Wednesday: What to do when the wearing is painful


Some of you probably think I’m insane for dressing my kids all the time, and you might be kinda right, but here’s a little of what I’m up against if my kids dress themselves:
Once a week I do a “Wear whatever you want day” and the kids get super excited to just go for it – as you can see. While obviously visually distracting, it’s not the look thats the main concern here, really, I promise. Let me point out the problems we are up against looking like Lady Gaga wannabes wearing these items. Cruz is wearing dirty pajama pants and an extremely dirty shirt he got out of the laundry. (Remember, I said, “Whatever you want.” My kids will hold me to that “whatever” part.) Jude, who looks sharp, was freezing to death because it was NOT warm enough to wear such a light outfit. Zara bundled up, but was uncomfortable with the bulkyness of all the layers she had going and was really annoyed by it once we left the house.  Ever decided that she was not going to wear shoes, cause she had on those shoe-ish-like tights - you know how tights are always so shoe-ish? – and that sweater of Zara’s with the HUGE hole in it? Yep, that would be what she’s wearing. Top that with a beanie worn Beret style and you’ve go an outfit worth wearin’. Depending on if my family were still living in the Ozarks of Missouri or not. Maybe not even there.

Anyway, all this to point out: Letting your kids dress themselves 100% is not easier. I had to carry Ever EVERYWHERE ’cause those “shoe-sy” stockings didn’t cut it, and seriously, how could you not stare at us? Seriously? Funny thing is, if I say, “go get dressed in clothes that are appropriate for church” or “the park” or whatever, the kids usually do really good!  Somehow the “wear whatever you want” line just calls for insulting outfits. It’s a science or something.

Here are the Mother Approved outfits of this WYAWW:
undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedThere isn’t much new that you all haven’t seen! I bought some boys tank tops from the undies section at Target and Zara is wearing one, also Ever’s sandals are a recent Target find!
You can see our past WTAWWs here just for fun.
Adorably adorable kids items I recently found: Did you know Carter’s makes Heathered Onesies? They are in the boys section, but really, they are so cute for both! I am so tempted to buy them and store the for a gift, or for Linds’ next kids or Katie’s, gah! So fun!

Rach - this might be my favorite post!! :) Ever’s outfit is toooooo cute!

Katie - This is so funny! Shoe-ish tights. It reminds me of when I was about 8 and tried to convince my mom and sister that orange and purple matched because I had a tank top with tiny sail boats all over it and one of them had orange and purple sails.

Maria - you are so fabulous…and your kids are DARLING!!!!! Can I just tell you how obsessed I also am with dressing my kids up and making them look like “ajitos” which in spanis means lil cloves of garlic…I know it’s weird but i Costa Rica..where I’m from…that is what you say when your kids look fresh and put together. I have a 12 year old boy…who still KINDA lets me input on his attire..mostly metal tees though…and my Bella bear who is a chic 9 tear old doll and God bless her still lets me dress her up…and then the new addition to the nest..Mateo..who just turned 6 months and was styling a Christmas hat right out of the womb. :) Look forward to more of your posts! :)

Tera Andypants - Seriously couldn’t stop laughing as I was reading this! Literally laughing out loud! Anyway, I love you and your children to death and I wish I was there to hear Ever say “shoe-sy” stockings! Made my day!

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