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We are still only half way moved in, but I have internet at the new house now so that makes it a bit more home (now that I can be working and even, dare I say, blog while here! Yah!)  I had planned on having some blog posts up and ready to go while I was moving, but then we kinda surprise moved, like as in my husband gathered a truck and some friends and moved us randomly last sunday! Surprise!

Good thing is now I’ve already gotten started on organizing, decorating and cleaning (construction cause a lot of dust!) We miss our old home a ton, but are excited for the future in this house. I’m loving the colors, layout and some of the little details I didn’t appreciate before.

Joel snapped this picture as we left this weekend’s wedding at Tivoli Terrace. (Also can’t wait to share this wedding with you, it was beyond gorgeous!)

So, after all the sweet comments and thoughts from you all. I definitely decided to keep my business and personal blogs separate for simplicity on the work end (I don’t want clients to have to read about my personal life if they don’t want to). Since most people thought it was okay to combine the two, I thought it would be nice to share some work related things I do here on this blog since this is sort of the place that I talk, where as my work blog is just photos. This way I can share extra stories and funny stuff, without getting the other blog too cluttered. I won’t share everything I do, it’s just too much, and this isn’t a work blog – I  just want to share a little of my work since it is a huge part of our life.

For this first installment, I’m just going to share two of my favorite recents. I will be uploading more (and hopefully ALL of what I do. I’m trying to make myself!) to the other blog, so you can always check there if you get a minute.

Penelope. I seriously can’t get enough of that face. What the heck. How can a baby be so adorable?  I’ll take 5 more right now. She was the most delightfully shy little sweetheart I have ever met. She’s like a little cherub, and so soft! I was finally able to put some of the antique dresses I bought for the baby shower decor to good use!

Joel and I got to go away for a weekend to Northern California for a beautiful wedding in the country!  (We also made some awesome stops to visit our friend Nick, picked up a pair of antlers from an antique store, and hit LA for some kids clothes!!) Kristin & Adam looked amazing. The wedding was gorgeous. I sneezed my head off. (So did the groom and his brother!) I am a Southern California girl for so many reasons, but seriously, I can’t ever live anywhere else because I would sneeze to death.

I have had such a fun year with work. I think the combination of my kids being older, and me limiting the number of events I take has realllllllyyy made the the whole thing more enjoyable. Plus, my parents have been able to spend some quality time with the kids which they all love.

This one has nothing to do with photography, just one my sister snapped on Mother’s Day of us and I lovvvvee it so much because we haven’t had any sister pictures recently.

You probably already heard via one of my online spaces: Zara requested a Unicorn Rainbow party.

Since Katie and I also have birthdays close to Zara’s, and mainly because we just couldn’t resist the theme, we also celebrated our birthdays.

Here’s a little peek at the day. We held it at the new house (even though we aren’t moved in) and just had a little family party. It was lovely to eat some gluten free tacos and gluten free brownies (we have a load of paleo freaks we have to keep happy!) And there were Unicorns. Really, do you need more than that? …Wait, just kidding, you need a commencement with Mentos/Diet Coke Geyser for a real rager! Luckily, one of the weirdos in my family brought one for entertainment and every single person squealed as it went off. We video taped it, but I am so not posting it!! Haha!

(On a side note, I’m excited to actually move into this house so that hosting a party is a little easier. So I don’t have to say things like, “Honey, can you put that toilet back in the bathroom so people can use it if they need to?”)

You guys. Have you seen this yet? I cried/got the chills at the previews and I can not wait for it to come out. If you want to win my heart, talk Les Mis. (I think Joel and I are going to try to go to the play this year too! Speaking of which, I better check on tickets)

  • Love the pics! Ok and I hadn’t seen that trailer yet & I CANNOT WAIT to see that movie! Only, why is Anne Hathaway infiltrating the movie scene? I like her alright, but she’s definitely not my favorite!ReplyCancel

  • I LOVE LES MIS! I didn’t know there was a movie coming out, but I can’t wait to see it!!

    Love all the cute pics of your fam, and I have to say, I’m kind of blown away by how powerful your mom’s blonde genes are! I never would have guessed Ruby would end up blonde!!ReplyCancel

  • rachael W.

    FUN! And I love the paint in your house! Can’t wait to start seeing updates! <3 Also, PLEASE share the goods on where to hit up in L.A. for kids clothes! I'll be spending pretty much the ENTIRE month of August in Ca. with family, and would love to do some shopping while I'm there! I already have plans to hit up the fabric district in L.A., but haven't been downtown in so many years I have NO IDEA where to start! =DReplyCancel