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It might be a “new” house for us, but let me tell you – there are so hilariously weird things about the new place. I wish I had words, but I don’t, so I’ll do what I do best – show you some pictures.

What’s the fun of one color or carpet? Okay, cool, and let’s do tile in one room, and laminate in another, and how about sheet vinyl in the bathrooms?! Good? Gooooood!!!

Yes, it’s stuck that way. No problem. We’ll just hang from the ceiling to shower.

Since they couldn’t fit more than 2 colors of carpet in, they decided to give the room real stylish punch in the face pop of color with a good fan, you know?

So, as you can imagine. As much as I love and adore this house, I was kinda getting big plans to just rip stuff out and start over. Because it needs it. Of course, right?

Except it doesn’t.

Yes, some of it is ugly and old. But, simply put, it’s a roof that keeps us dry, and walls that keep us warm, and has a safety screen I can double dead bolt at night to keep out the murderers.  More than most people will ever have. And I have a grip of weddings right in a row that need my full attention over a house.

So we are going to do something extremely stupid.

We are going to move without replacing the epileptic seizure fan (imagine that thing spinning?!). Or the vinyl, which looks pretty permanently glued anyway. Or the carpet inlaid in the tile aka built in rug? Really, it exists in this house, I do not kid.

We will be armed with bleach, gloves & our carpet steamer.

Will we live in it like this forever? No. We will work on it room by room, day by day, and have fun doing it!

We only have two weeks left until closing!! (Then you’ll get some real pictures of the cute old things that made us fall in love with this house, I promise!)

  • Johanna - well you know a tile guy you can call when youre ready and he will be there in a flash :)ReplyCancel

    • Ashley of Lovelock - We would love to see you! We’ll have to plan a project just to get together. HAHA!ReplyCancel

  • Brooke Ahrens - Welcome to the world of home ownership and signing your life away! haha…no really – it’s a wonderful journey, which I think is what you allude to. And it’s very empowering to have a space with possibility that you can change just b/c you want to. Have fun and enjoy! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

    • Ashley of Lovelock - Thanks Brooke! We are excited – I didn’t want to buy a house because of all the responsibility, but it will be nice for us to have a place to settle a little more and I love decorating!ReplyCancel

  • hannah - this is super exciting. the fan is killing me. i am picturing y’all seeing it for the first time…HA. love you. xoReplyCancel

  • Bekka Hammang - It makes you really wonder what people are thinking. We have two faucets in our guest bathroom bath tub, each on different walls, one that’s not attached to any plumbing?!?!ReplyCancel

  • alyssa spring - Fan is hilarious….the shower looks like ours (except our shower head is turned the right way.) When we moved into our house there were three layers of pink and then country blue wall paper in the kitchen, old dark cabinets…..linoleum floor and pink tiles in the bathroom with flowers on them (but fake tile!) You will make it gorgeous with time, it will be so cute. So happy that you found a home!ReplyCancel

  • tiphani - Yay! Im so excited for you guys! And Im so glad that you guys are just moving in, appreciating what you have, and fixing it as you go. Who needs perfect right away when you can figure out day by day how to live in it and what you like?! We have an offer in on a house right now that would have to be the same kind of situation….Such exciting prospects for it all huh? Well, good luck and post LOTS about it k? I love reading it all! So exciting for you guys! TiphaniReplyCancel

This might be the fastest written post of all time. I have 10 minutes to get everything in that I have to say. Bulletin points? Yes, I think so!

  • I’m better! Although my kids now have the cold, so we are just staying inside, resting and getting this down around the house.

  • No official WTAWW, sadly, it’s just been a lot of pajama days and unbrushed hair. Joel took a few pictures of me last night in the dark, so that’s all I have to share.
  • I got some new work outfits this week to add to the rotation. Except now I just want to rotate the new ones because I love them. The above shoes and dress are part of it. The dress is so cute because it works well with pants, or just on it’s own – versatility is a must!
  • House stuff is going well!
  • Adoption stuff….post coming soon. So much of nothing to share.
  • Easter is this weekend! I’m so excited, I kinda forgot about it until I went shopping at Target and there were signs all over. Kinda forgot about Easter outfits too, but that is sorted now.
  • If I know you in real life and you’d like me to link to your blog, send it to me!  I keep meaning to add my friends, and yet I keep forgetting, BUT it is super important to me, so don’t let me forget again! OR if you have a cute button, let me know and I’ll add it!
  • What comment system do you use? I keep trying different types and I don’t like them! I want to be able to comment back to you.

Phew! That was a lot, I have lots more coming so stay tuned. <3


  • Lauren Kearney - Love the outfit, coral is my current obsession. Love the bullet points, a mom’s gotta make the most out of 10 min! Can’t wait to hear more about the house and the not so much more about the adoption! Can you tell I’ve been on stand by for today’s blog hahaReplyCancel

  • Delaney - I must know where those shoes are from!ReplyCancel

    • Ashley of Lovelock - I got them at TJ Maxx so they might be a little hard to find, but they are Franco Sarto, which I know they carry at Macy’s!ReplyCancel

I am still sick, so while I’m no good for nothin’ today, I had some pretty good posts in the past – or at least my readers think so!

Here are the 5 most popular past posts on the blog:

1. Beauty & Hair tips: Having siblings in the beauty industry – priceless!

2. Make your own Sillhouettes: This one is all over Pinterest – thank you for all the Pins & Repins!

3. Adoption: I’m glad this is one of the most popular, I hope our family can encourage people to adopt.

4. 2011 Christmas Pictures: I think it’s funny that this is a popular one, maybe I am at fault for using a Beiber song and people just couldn’t resist?  

5. Baby Name Obsession: I am obviously not the only obsessed person!

That is such a wide range of topics that it actually makes me laugh. Hopefully that just means there is a little something for everyone!