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I’ve been bad about my WTAWW posts. Today is no different. First of all, it’s actually Thursday. I pretty much missed it altogether. Second, I didn’t have any real pictures to post with the move and all (House pictures coming tomorrow though, get exciiitttted!)  So I am posting these. It’s just a photo shoot, not a legit worn out in public outfit, but, since my little Zara is just too cute I had to share them! (Fur from Ikea, Peony from the grocer & Vintage 20’s slip from the antique shoppe!)

P.S. This child. My big thing is to not ask them to do anything too specific when I take pictures of them, so she just does her own thing, but she is such a natural. She definitely has her Grandma’s genes. And, if you didn’t read it yet, I’ve started a fun new series on kids clothes! See it here.

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We took a little break from everything today and hit the pool. I couldn’t hardly get any pictures of the older three since they were in the water the entire time, however, Ever was not into it. And she was grumpy. And she ate all the snacks. Still love her.

We are still only half way moved in, but I have internet at the new house now so that makes it a bit more home (now that I can be working and even, dare I say, blog while here! Yah!)  I had planned on having some blog posts up and ready to go while I was moving, but then we kinda surprise moved, like as in my husband gathered a truck and some friends and moved us randomly last sunday! Surprise!

Good thing is now I’ve already gotten started on organizing, decorating and cleaning (construction cause a lot of dust!) We miss our old home a ton, but are excited for the future in this house. I’m loving the colors, layout and some of the little details I didn’t appreciate before.

Joel snapped this picture as we left this weekend’s wedding at Tivoli Terrace. (Also can’t wait to share this wedding with you, it was beyond gorgeous!)