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Zara is my kid who doesn’t like to smile in pictures. I’ve always been against saying “smile” when a kid isn’t feeling it, so she always looks like she’s in a stoic vintage photograph. Works well with the dress though, right?! Don’t you love the collar?! Check out Emma Levine or @EmmaLevineKidsandBaby on insta! xxoo

mommy blogger southern californiaZara Emma Levine dress orange county

It’s one of the trends I can be happy about. Like when the “mom bun” was all the sudden trendy it was super convenient because I’d always been wearing one. Gingham has always been a go-to for me. My kids have way too much gingham…if there is such a thing.

ChildrenEver Sonora Baby ModelBaby Girl wearing Gingham


Ever is obsessed with her boots. I didn’t know how I felt about her wearing them all them time because they seem so heavy, but she loves them so much she doesn’t seem to mind.

I have very rarely been able to get anything up for WTAWW, so I decided to just go with a whole new “fashion column” and this way it doesn’t matter what day of the week (or how often) I post. And I’ll try to add links to similar items when I can too. xxoo

Dress: Thrifted // Boots: Steve Madden

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    I am gingham-obsessed. My kiddos will never have enough! Love her dress.ReplyCancel

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    Very sweet pictures. ReplyCancel

  • Mary Gubein

    Magazine shot for sure!!

Did you know we are exposed to 300 toxins before we are even born? Even more disturbing, did you know that the primary U.S. Law that regulates everyday products hasn’t been updated in 38 years?! I’d say we’ve learned a lot of new things about toxins, chemicals, and health in general in the past 38 years and it’s time for some big changes!






Hopefully those big changes are coming soon! On April 30 of this year, a very important petition was presented to Congress along with 120,000 signatures of citizens who were also concerned about these old and moldy chemical laws.

The presentation was made by the cutest superheroes around, Seventh Generation’s very own Toxin Freedom Fighters, along with Senator Kristen Gillibrand (NY) and Many others, including John Replogle (also in a mask!) who is the President of Seventh Generation.

Be sure to check out Seventh Generations website for more info!