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What’s better than a dinosaur egg hunt, a fossil dig, and kids dressed like 90’s archeologists?

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One funny think that happened is that the company I usually buy tiramisu from (the one that makes me least sick, and is almost worth it) stopped making their tiramisu cake. So the day OF the party, we were scrambling for a tiramisu cake, which Cruz had requested…this tiny one was all we could find! The Dino basically toppled the cake, but Cruz didn’t seem to mind. He also wanted all meat for the dinner. Hence the “Carnivore Feast” came to life.


-Fossil Dig: wadding pool, soil, moss, rocks and fossils. I added a little plaster in there to make it extra hard, since it would have been too easy for the big kids.

-Egg hunt: We made paper mache eggs with little dinosaur toys in them and hid them around the yard for the kids to find.

Joel turned 34 today, but we celebrated over the weekend to make it easier. Even though it was his birthday, it was basically about the kids anyway – there are almost as many of them as there are of us now! We couldn’t resist these elf pajama sets since the girls all want to match all the time anyway!  And we can’t wait to get a picture of Grandma and Grandpa with their Santa pjs on with all 8 of their elf grand babies, but they are on back order and didn’t make it before the party. The house was overly and tackily decorated, we had lots of food, and we even bought “snow.” (When you live in California, the things you’ll do for weather are pretty extreme.) My brothers both showed up in full costume, because dressing up is never out of style.

Family Christmas Birthday_ 1916
Family Christmas Birthday_ 1924Family Christmas Birthday_ 1949Family Christmas Birthday_ 1951

Family Christmas Birthday_ 1906Family Christmas Birthday_ 1908Family Christmas Birthday_ 1931Family Christmas Birthday_ 1932Family Christmas Birthday_ 1911Family Christmas Birthday_ 1946Family Christmas Birthday_ 1913“You like sugar, huh?” “Is there sugar in syrup?!” “Yes.” “Then YES!”
Family Christmas Birthday_ 1941Family Christmas Birthday_ 1942Family Christmas Birthday_ 1943Merrry Christmas Birthday

 It was dark by the time we started playing with the snow, so thats why the pictures are so dim, but aren’t the kids just darling with all the excitement? Poor Fox isn’t old enough to enjoy any of this yet, so it’s like baby torture, but he does love watching the kids play.


The Perfect Halloween treatslittle boy as the big bad wolf costumeHALLOWWWWWIENER BLOG 1644HALLOWWWWWIENER BLOG 1655Red riding hood and the huntsmanHALLOWWWWWIENER BLOG 1647Baby Fox and the hound costumeegyptian mummy, homeschoolgroup costumeCorona Del Mar, CaliforniaHALLOWWWWWIENER BLOG 1658HALLOWWWWWIENER BLOG 1657HALLOWWWWWIENER BLOG 1661baby dragon costume

HALLOWWWWWIENER BLOG 1650I’m already looking forward to next years Halloween party! Lindsay made the best dinner and carmel apples, we walked Balboa Island, and the kids stayed up ridiculously late thanks to the sugar rush.

Of course, there are other holidays to dress up for, which we undoubtedly will, but there’s just something so special about a holiday that doesn’t carry any obligations with it isn’t there? It’s always been my favorite. Always.

The fruit bats are still flying around my house, and I wanted to cut the Egyptian mummy costume off Jude last night (unwrapping that was a serious chore), but he insisted he will be wearing it again soon, so it’s intact.

The only disappointment this year was that Jeremy didn’t get to join us, but we did drop by his work on the way home. And even trick-or-treated at Grandma and Grandpa’s to see them!

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    So very clever and looks like so much fun!