Adoption Panic Attack Moment

I love to talk about adoption in a good light, because it is so dear to my heart, and because there are plenty of blogs talking about all the hard parts of adoption – really, must we go there daily and is it really profitable?

Although, today, I’m having a small panic attack moment over some ridiculous significant “adoption problems”. You know, things like…

1. This baby will be the farthest from the rest.  All the other 4 are in 4 1/2 years.  Ever is already 2 1/2+. This kid is inevitable going to be spoiled in every sense of the word. Sighhhhh. 

2. I have a ton of boy clothes and no girl clothes. How quickly can I get things shipped to me in the event of a surprise baby like big brother Cruz?

3. I can’t decide on which swaddler blanket thingy I like better. I was going to go Miracle Blanket, but then a lot of people said it was too big on little babies, and there are about 80 different choices, but I despise the shade yellow that most of them are in, and I’d really love a gender neutral color like off white…  Was that sentence too long? Suggestions welcome cause I’m obviously incapable of making a decision on this one!  Haha.

4. Where on earth am I going to store the cute carseat & crib I got?

There you have it. Call me crazy (or perhaps hormones?) but these are the things that were actually bothering me today as I thought of them.  I think when you are adopting, you really have nothing you can “do” while you are waiting, so you make things up in your mind to worry about.  At least, I think I did that last time, and I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve done today!

So, since some people have been asking me, let’s call this an “adoption update” in which, you can now obviously see that we have nothing to report… unless I miraculously make a decision on the swaddler… But, I will be sure to let you know on this blog asap if something does come up!

In the mean time, here are two more pages of our portfolio…  I went really simple, modern and more magazine style then anything with most of the pages and we love the way it turned out!

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