Before the Bunny-moon

Last year, Joel promised Ever she could have a rabbit once we moved and got settled. He made good on his promise, and her and Zara both got their very own pets – Apollo and Sirena.

The girls decided a few weeks ago that, since the rabbits were moving into their new hutch together, they should probably get married. Sound reasoning that no parent could argue with. They asked grandpa to officiate, wanted carrot cake, and lots of flowers and photos. I’m hoping their own weddings won’t be half as intense as the prep for this one.

bunny-wedding-1bunny-wedding-2bunny-wedding-3bunny-wedding-4Zara, “So, maybe we can be the flower girls? I mean, bridesmaids? I mean, PARENTS OF THE BRIDE AND GROOM? WHICH ONE?!”bunny-wedding-5bunny-wedding-6bunny-wedding-7bunny-wedding-8bunny-wedding-9bunny-wedding-10bunny-wedding-11bunny-wedding-12bunny-wedding-13bunny-wedding-14bunny-wedding-15bunny-wedding-16bunny-wedding-17bunny-wedding-18bunny-wedding-19bunny-wedding-20

Apollo and Sirena seem very happy in their new little hutch. We couldn’t find anything cute enough for them, so the girls and I custom made this one. Zara begged for “shiplap”, channeling Joanna Gaines. Now we’re just waiting on the shingles for the roof (also at Zara’s request) and for the cute lock to replace the generic one… these girls and their style. They keep reminding me that the rabbits are on their “bunny-moon” and hope they are hoping for baby bunnies soon. ***UPDATE** WE HAVE BABIES: SEE THEM HERE!

DIY Bunny Hutch with Shiplap

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