Date Night: Five Guys Burgers & Fries

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Joel and I had a Date Night last night.  Which are always funny because we aren’t movie people, SO what do we do on date night?  Fast food. Nearly always, unless we do PF Changs, but mostly it’s fast food. (You know, places we’d never let our kids eat because they are so unhealthy.) Last night we tried 5 guys for the first time. The company and conversation was delightful, but we didn’t love the food. It was just a greasy cheap burger you’d get a ballgame, thats all. (Of course this has everything to do with the fact that I don’t like bread, and don’t eat very much red meat either, so this is not my type of shop.)

After that we headed we grabbed coffee, picked the kids up treats (bananas & nectarines) from the grocer, and headed to our favorite Thrift Store. Sadly, it closed one minute before we got there! And did I mention that it was pouring rain the whole time?!  Perfect date weather!

The kids were sad when we came home. They love “their” Bekah so much, and we were a little earlier then we thought we’d be, so they were more than surprised to see us! I love hearing their sighs when we come home, because honestly, I sometimes feel guilty for leaving them. It’s nice to know how perfectly happy they are while we are gone.

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