FAQs: Part One

I have tried to make myself start this a thousand and one times, but never seem to actually do it because I forgot who asked what and when and all, but I’ve decided that doesn’t matter so much – I’m just gonna write! (Questions are in bold, my answers are below that!)

Where do you get your Jeggings? 

Forever 21 & Gap. I have the body of a 12 year old so I get to shop at Forever 21 for the rest of my life. (And $9.90 jeggings are always a good thing.) Even if you only wear them 10 times. Gap has much better jeggings overall though and I have 3 or 4 of theirs and love love love them!

What type of camera do you use?/What type of Lens?

I have a Mark II and my main lens that I love and adore is my 50mm. (If you want something comparable and you don’t have a full frame camera, get a 35mm – if you don’t know what full frame is, you probably don’t have it!)

Are you still adopting?

I could write a thousand posts about this topic, but I’m just going to give you the short answer. We don’t know. (But we’ve never really known 100% because it’s never 100%, remember?!) I’ll get back to this later.

What does the outside of your house look like?

Right at the moment, its a mess. The yards weren’t cared for for about a year. There are gophers! Eeek! (They are actually really cute, but little hole digging monsters!) We have so many plans for the outside as it just needs a little help, but unfortunately I won’t be posting any pictures of it for now since I don’t’ feel like that’s a safe idea.

What are you baby names for a future child?

Hmmmm, I seriously contemplated just telling them, but I think it’s best kept under wraps right now until we know 100 percent for sure which way the adoption pendulum will swing. I will tell you that they are biblical, and beautiful, and that if we don’t adopt I’ll be selling them off to the highest bidder. Kidding.

Where do you shop for kids clothes?

My favorite question of all times. I have a WHOLE SERIES on this exact subject. I started writing about clothes and it got out-of-hand-crazy-long, so I divided them up and will try to get them out in the next few weeks. Probably while I’m moving so I can have something going while I’m busy!

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