FAQ’s: Part Two

I always have a hard time answering these types of questions because I feel like they are sensitive subjects and, bluntly stated, people get all too worked up over these types of things. But, hey, if you guys ask, I‘m always willing to answer!  (And if you tend to get offended, cover your eyes until the next post.) xxoo


Q: Why do you homeschool?

A: We feel that is right for our family.  My husband and I experienced very opposite educational arenas growing up.  He was a mix of everything from homeschool to boarding school.  I never went to asingle day of traditional school. When we reflected on what we wanted for our children, we looked at our own pasts and to many of the wonderful people we admire. Homeschool is the right option for our family.

Q: What type of labor did you choose?

A: I don’t feel like I got to choose my labor with Jude. The hospital staff was not very accommodating and I ended up with a epidural (and pain for 4 months following his birth). Don’t get me wrong, the epi was wonderful while it worked, but it wasn’t what I wanted going in. With both the girls, I waited until I was ready to deliver, arrived at the hospital, delivered and came home a few hours later. We seriously considered homebirth, but due to insurance never had one. Details spared, I never had a good hospital experience with any of the babies, but was thankful to have them as a back up should something have gone wrong.

Q: Why did you choose to adopt when you could have your “own” children?

A: Joel and I have both wanted* to adopt for a long time, even before we met. Mainly because it falls in line with our Faith. We decided we couldn’t continue having children knowing there are so many children already born who need homes.

(*We do not see ourselves as charitable for adopting because it was part of our “plan” to build our family. It is something we wanted, and there is a need. We think God worked it out that the two meet in the middle.)

Q: Any adoption news?

A: Nope. Status remains the same, open + ready to adopt should it happen, but no progress to note. I’ve had a few people ask if have an adoption profile up online, but we don’t. I kinda feel like the blog is more “us” with all our family photos and real writing, than a page with random questions anyway. Thank you to everyone who has been contacting us when they see an available adoption situation. I check out every single one! It would be really amazing if we were to be matched independent from an agency since it dramatically reduces the fees & paperwork, but we know it doesn’t always work that way.

Q: Where do you buy your kids clothes?

A: Started writing a series on that, and really need to finish it!  You can read the first two parts here + here.

Q: What’s the progress on the new house?

A: We have had so many things going with the beginning of the school year that we haven’t really done much new besides organizing closets and cleaning out the garage. I will be sure to update with the small project sometime next week. I’m finally going to get to work on the boy’s room, which is desperately needed.


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