Favorite Oscar Dresses 2012

I totally stole this from Linnea! Not that I don’t always pick my favorites, after the Ocsars because I don’t even watch them, but I LOVE looking at the designs because some of them are just breathtaking and so inspiring! I don’t just think a dress is pretty for the design, but how it fits the woman. So many ladies wear dresses that they are either shoving themselves into or that aren’t flattering for their shape. (People need to go shopping with their siblings, not just a stylist. Siblings can be so brutally and perfectly honest about ones figure!)  And, I’m loving sequins right now, so of course some of these are COMPLETELY sequins. Oi!

January Jones wins my heart with this dress..err, skirt? Eitherway, totally different than everyone else. So many of the dresses were similar this year I was surprised. Actually what was most surprising to me is how few surprises there were. I have high hopes for next year!

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