Did I mention that school has started for Jude & Zara?!  So, you know what that means right?

It means that Ever & Cruz are loving their playtime freedom. Things like: only having to share their toys with each other, dumping things in every room, &  just being little crazies in the general sense. Meanwhile, Jude, Zara & I have kinda rotated rooms all the past two weeks. Going with the flow of who’s napping where, what are is clean, and getting comfy too. Like today. Today was homeschool on mommy’s bed day. (BTW, I LOVE all the curriculum we got this year. I’ll have to do a post about it because it really is that good!)

And we got our carseat that we ordered in the mail! It’s so cute! We love it. (In the paper work, our agency suggested we get a carseat to have on hand. We could have just waited and bought one later, so we don’t have to store it, but I found a coupon, this was the one I wanted, I’m impatient, what else is there?)

Speaking of gross stuff… Today two bad things happened:

1. Jude woke up with a horrific nose bleed. I know nose bleeds; Joel has them, I get them, and I had a friend growing up who had the worst I’ve ever seen (to the point of hospitalization when he got one!) Jude woke up this morning out of dead sleep, with blood all over his pillow. He got up, ran to the bathroom (blood everywhere at this point) got a bunch of paper towel, and tried to clean himself up. Meanwhile, I’m sleeping, and by the time he wakes me up which must have been awhile (15 minutes), he had got it to stop and tried to clean himself up, BUT seriously, is there anything more scary then your child approaching you first thing in the morning with blood all over their face, chest, arms, hands, boxers?!!  It was so so sad, and he was just happy as a lark that he had taken care of it by himself!!  I told him there are somethings that I just have to help him with and he better scream for me next time! (Nosebleeds = inevitable next time in my mind) I was glad it was just a nose bleed in comparison to other things it could have been, but it was still bloody & gross!

2. Zara stuck her tongue on a part of the freezer (picture on right) and then ripped her VERY stuck tongue off (left) and LEFT a bit of her little self on that freezer….Can you see it all those white things? Those would be taste budsGag.

We went for a family walk today also, it was scorching. I’m not going to lie, the walk wasn’t that fun, but the kids HAD to get out.  I forgot how hard this time of year can be with kids. They need fresh air, but there isn’t any to be had. Thankfully, this will only last for a very short seasons and then we’ll be back to perfection again!

After the tongue healed a tad, Zara went for it on instagram, but was a little disappointed by the blur. And I quote, “Oops! This one is a little scrabble-y!” -Zara     …I’m so using that next time I’m on a shoot.

Zara is also obsessed with Romance.  Kissing, hugging, mushy – She loves it! So, what do you think she says when she sees us kiss? “Ohhhh, that is just so cute!! Do it again! Do it again!”  I have to tell her to stop sometimes ’cause she grosses me out!! Haaha.  She’s going to love sappy movies, I just know it!

Thus concludes my “insta-friday” post. First of it’s kind. I feel like maybe I should reward myself with Chocolate or something because there is never a wrong time for Chocolate.

life rearranged

And I really want to continue my super important to me, “Flashback Fridays” I have so many wonderful things to remember, like this little sleeping angel, Ever, when she was just a few months old. She was literally one of the best babies I’ve laid eyes on. It was the strangest, most incredible thing. She slept great, ate great, played quietly, laughed easily, enjoy everything and anything. A real little doll!

I can’t believe she is 2 1/2.  Just typing that out makes me want to burst into tears.


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