Guess What?!

My husband and I are so excited to say that we are DONE with our Homestudy!  Which means, that we are officially certified to adopt!

Yes, we know we have a long way to go, it may be years (it was over a year with Cruz), because now is the “long” part – the waiting – but we are excited to finish the home study, and to be working on our Birthmother Letter & Portfolio….which may take us years in itself, because it is HARD to make an album of your family all while thinking of the women who will look at it. It’s sad to think of what they must be going through, and to know how you can comfort in the right ways – really, is there any comfort enough? I don’t think so! Here’s our cover of the album so far:


On top of all that fun “stuff”, most of our kids came down with a flu, our air conditioning broke, and School started for Jude & Zara today!  I literally still have my pajamas on from yesterday. No joke. So, that’s my excuse for silence in the blog world.  But hey, you can just take this silence as an investment into many future posts BECAUSE, my being silent to finish up our home study just means someday, in the future, we will have another child to blog about = more posts about our many children. Yes, most definitely an investment.

Also, this is jumping the gun like crazy, but I thought I’d throw out the names topic again because, I’ve got more readers than ever, and more readers equals a bigger name pool and women get excited about names or so I’ve noticed!

Joel and I are at a point where we have a few names we like, but absolutely no idea if we would actually use them. We have one boys name, that is completely meaningless, but super cute. And we have several girls names, one that I love more than he does, but I think we’d get some flack for it.  And, following suit, I am of course not actually telling you what they are, merely asking for OTHER suggestions from you, in line with the names we’ve already chosen for our four little beings! You can read our previous name discussion/our kids names HERE. Or, if you’d rather not, heres a run down on some of my naming ideals:

  • I like short names.  Somehow, all of our kids have 4 letter names.  It wasn’t on purpose, I just had a list of 100 names and 50 of them were 4-5 letters. Apparently I like it like that.
  • I love one syllable boys names.
  • I love two syllable girls names.
  • I love biblical names with good meanings, or names after nature, which is also biblical (I think).
  • I love middle names that have family meanings.
  • I’d like them to be able to use their middle name as a last name if they should ever wish to, because they may want to…just sayin.

Okay, ready? GO! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

P.S. All you new people who keep writing me sweet comments on old posts! Thank you! It really brightens my day!


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