Happy New Year: iPhone Photos

Embarrassingly enough, this is my first post “real” of 2015. Lucky for me, I can back date posts thanks to this savvy blog, so we can just pretend like we didn’t miss anything… (scroll further down and see a few new posts with some of our fun parties and recipes and life.) I had started soooo many of these posts started and never uploaded the photos to get them published. Most exciting though, is that Zara wants to “help” me blog, so she came up with some fun things to do here! If you love baby dolls, or hair, or being 9 years old – you’re going to be completely entertained. She is an adorable, creative mind.

Here are a few (of the zillions) of photos that didn’t make it to instagram:

Happy New Year Blog 8402Love living by the beach I grew up at. Really honestly never thought this was a possibility!

Happy New Year Blog 8413

Katie gave all four the kids cuts in one day, love the way they turned out!Happy New Year Blog 8410

Happy New Year Blog 8417

Zara wants to be just like Uncle Zac, so her washable tattoos went on her ring finger just like his is.
Happy New Year Blog 8406

Playing at Rossmoor park during spring is always the prettiest!Happy New Year Blog 8405

Ever is deathly afraid of getting lost after she has scared herself a few times walking off. Now you can count on a serious grip like this anywhere in public.Happy New Year Blog 8403

Our Disneyland passes expired, which we are super sad about, but it’s summertime, so we’ll just fill that Disney time with lots of beach days!

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