Healthy “Otter Pops”

My children will give anything for a popsicle, and while there are a few companies out there who do popsicles right, most contain way too much sugar and little nutrition! Since sickness season is upon us, and sore throats abound, I’d been buying plain coconut popsicles and just going with it since every DIY popsicle maker I’ve tried is either: a. messy, b. impossible to clean, or c. flat out doesn’t work. Just last week I discovered these little popsicle bags that remind me of the “Otter Pops” I ate as a kid! We’ve already made dozens of pops, and since they are so delicious and without any hidden additives, I’ve been letting the kids eat them with breakfast too. We jokingly call this recipe “Tropical Frolic” because that sounds perfectly ridiculous!

using only 4 ingredients to make popsiclesUsing Native Forest Organic Coconut milkMegafoods Kids Daily Immune

Add even amounts of Pineapple, Mango, and Banana. (You can use fresh or frozen, depending on what’s available in your area.) Then, fill the mixer with as much coconut milk as possible. I like to use Native Forest organic coconut. It’s okay if it’s super liquid-y because it’s going to be frozen!

Bonus: Add a scoop of your favorite supplement. MegaFood sent me Kids Daily Immune powder to test, and it works PERFECTLY for this recipe that we’ve been making for our sickies. It really compliments the taste well and it’s the type of supplement I can back since it’s made from REAL foods – especially loving the elderberry in there!

Once it’s blended, I use a funnel to fill the popsicle bags 2/3 of the way full, making sure to get all of the air out when I close them so they have plenty of room to expand as they freeze.

popcicles-8Coconut milk, banana, pineapple, and mango


Lay them flat in the freezer. I put mine on a pan the first time because I was afraid they might spill, but there hasn’t been any accidents yet! They only take about an hour-and-a-half to freeze, so you can eat them pretty quickly afterwards. They don’t last long around here; if they kids don’t get to them first, I sneak them at night!Our favorite popsicle recipepopcicles-1

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