Home Sweet Home via Impersonal Technology

Antique piano from my great-greats on my mom’s dad’s side.  I remember my great-great-aunt Esther playing it for me when I was a little one. Next, I learned to play on it, and now my babies are twinkle-twinkling their way to a musical upbringing.

Clock from my great-greats on my mom’s mom’s side.  I love this clock and the story of it being wound religiously to keep time on the farm.

New lamp, by my computer where I do most of my editing.

Chair.  My husband completely surprised me with this one.  Such classy taste he has (and he knows me so well!)

… and yes, since you mentioned it, the photo was accidentally taken side-ways. One would think that being a photographer would give me an edge on my iPhone’s camera feature, but who am I kidding? I am extremely behind in the technology department.

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