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Remember that post about Hair + how we use Honest?  Well, since then I have tried Honest Company’s sunblock, laundry detergent + dishwasher detergent too and I’m hooked. Addicted. In love. Adoring. It really couldn’t get any better. They stinking send the products to my door, in a pretty box, and I am set for a month. (I’m serious when I say they should hire me as a mommy spokes person because I’m head over heels people, head over heels!)

Ever since the kids were younger I have struggled to find a company that makes products that everyone can use.  My girls have some allergies, and then, low and behold, Cruz developed horrible eczema that seems to be worsened with most products. We’ve tried a lot. And I mean, literally everything at the health store, online, I tried making my own (it worked, but wasn’t a fresh clean feeling). Anyway, I guess now you can probably sense my excitement over finding a shampoo that works for all the kids!

And have you seen the swim diapers?  I can’t get over that little stripey one. I’m trying to think of a way to convince Ever to wear that, nevermind that she hasn’t needed a diaper in years – how cute would that look on a little one?!

So, the real point of this all is that I got an email that they are offering $10 off to new customers (which ends this sunday the 30th, I believe), and since so many people have been asking me my opinion about Honest products, I will say Honestly, that you really should give them a shot. You will not be able to resist the Sweet Vanilla Orange baby shampoo!

Props to mama Jessica Alba who did exactly what I always dreamed of and made products I am comfortable using on my babies. xxoo


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