House & Home: 2013 Accomplishmentzzzzzzz

It’s been a little sleepy on the house projects thus far in 2013. Last year started with plenty of progress via much work on this house. We bought in April, moved in in June, it went fast… But, after we moved in, it was hard to do anymore work. In all honesty, it was hard to be motivated to do anything. My friend lost her husband, my dad has been sick, and it was just too much sadness to care about things like what height of baseboards we wanted and painting straight lines on ceilings.

Recently, since I am finally thinking I’m over the whole “mono” illness I had over christmas, I’ve been finding that doing projects actually help to keep me distracted from thinking about last year. Which makes me want to do a million and half projects so that I never thing of anything else.

The office kinda got stuck as our catchall and until just last week was a complete disaster. I finally cleaned out almost all of the boxes, took a car load of things to the thrift store, and just started putting some things on the walls. Originally, we had thought this would be used for all the kids school things, but I didn’t like hauling things up and down the stairs all the time since we really like to do their homework in the living room at the kitchen table. It just didn’t work. Now it’s more of an office, but we have plans for something else… as soon as it’s done, I’ll be sure to post!

We recently finished all the baseboards downstairs, but have yet to have a moment to do the upstairs, so you’ll notice there non-exsistant in the boys room and hallway!

I have been looking for 3 things for this room yet still: A Staghorn Fern for the wall (Anyone know where to get one?), a footrest for the chairs, and twin duvets. It just so happens I can not find one for the life of me!  I want one like this, but no where carries them and online they are sold out!?!

Between that and paint touch ups, I still have a lot of work to do, but really, this is “done” at this point because it was so bad for the whole last year that this makes it look much more finished in real life! It’s a pretty small room, but the boys spend lots of time in there playing and all the kids love to listen to records so that’s a huge draw. (I really wish I would have taken better pictures, I will clean my house and then take some real photos soon. Especially as I’m working on the office & adding some finishing touches to the rest of the house!)

When the boys got their plant, the girls got jealous. Since we were at Home Depot (best store around) I let them pick out an orchid for the swan vase that was already in their room.

Aside from that, we cleaned out the garage and kitchen. Our new table, a craigslist find yet to be photographed, is working out awesome in the dining room. And my dear husband has kept all of my plants alive this entire year. We even have tomatoes, sunflowers, pumpkins and herbs growing right now…and already in the rough stages of drawing up our raised garden for next year.

Last but not least, summer has arrived and I traded out my winter duvet for this dreamy DVF edition. You might remember the print from the Mother’s Day post where I used it as a backdrop to take a photo of the kids with my mom. It’s making the rounds and Dean approves! (and also, I have N.O.D.= Nephew Obsession Disorder!)

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