House & Home: Bathroom Before & Afters

I didn’t even think the bathrooms were worth taking legit pictures of, so I just iPhoned these. We really haven’t done much with the bathrooms. Since they weren’t falling apart, and there were so many other things that were, we just left ‘um after a good bleaching and the basic fixes. Lest you think I am disillusion by homeownership, I’m not.  I was disillusioned by homeownership LONG before buying a house, because the realities of it were already known. Do I love our house? Yep. Do I think a house is going to make me happier than I already was? Heck no. If anything, I think owning a house makes things more complicated! We love having clean new carpet. We love having freshly painted walls and ceilings. We love having a patch of dirt we call the back “yard”. For those things, this house is amazing. BUT, it’s still a mess!!  (No baseboards, missing doors, old bathroom countertops) Come over and laugh at us because we are laughing loudest everyday out kids run around with mud caked faces from getting sweaty while playing outside and kicking up dust!!  It’s really incredibly funny. ANYWAY, that was kinda a rabbit trail of a delusional housewife running on 4 hours of sleep. The bathrooms:

How much do you love that fish border? Joel, that border and I spent a lot of time together. It took us hours to get that off the wall. Standing on a 10 foot ladder, scrubbing, rubbing, cutting, slashing, spraying, steaming, scraping, screaming – you name it, we tried it. I thought Joel was kidding me when he said it was all finally off the walls! haha!

And here’s the progress we’ve made so far:

This house has 3 bathrooms!!  So the downstairs we really haven’t done anything with yet, but just started on the Master Bath, here’s a little peek:

And really, that’s all we’ve done so far as far as bathrooms!

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