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Hello to those on the home tour from Kelly’s Korner!  I have yet to participate in any of the SUYL featuring homes, so to recap; my husband and I just bought our first home in Southern California and are in the process of fixing it up! We’ve done everything from scrapping the ceilings to reflooring the whole house and are just now getting to the real fun – styling!  If you want to see before & afters of our Living Room or Kitchen you can see them here and here.

Our bedroom isn’t technically and before & after because there wasn’t much there to begin with. We have some big plans for that fan (and the ceiling), right now it’s off center and it’s not a great looking fan to begin with – but one step at a time, right?!

Not much new in the room, all the same furniture as the old place, but we did do a slightly different paint color and I’m really into it!  I think it is called “Windfresh White” by Sherwin Williams (which is my new favorite paint brand btw! I love love love their duration line of paint, it’s incredible!) Some other great things about this room – huge closet, and the bathroom is going to be amazing (once its finished!)

We literally just got this put together today. I probably should have put some pillow cases on the pillows and made the bed for the picture, yeah?! And yes, that is a baby crib in our room. No, we haven’t had any adoption news, but it does remind me that I still haven’t gotten back around to posting, like I said I would, amidst all the moving. So here is the longer answer:

A home study is what qualifies you to adopt, once you are finished all you need is a child to finish the adoption process. For the majority of adoptions, an agency or facilitator matches you with a child. We are at that point, all we would need to finish an adoption is to be “matched” and “placed” with a child. With Cruz, we were matched 1 day before we were placed him up, and he was 2 weeks old! So it can happen incredibly fast, however, I think the majority are matched during the birth mom’s pregnancy stage a few months before actual placement. So, here is where it gets sort of interesting. (I really always question sharing anything that could be seen as “negative” as far as adoption goes because I’m afraid people will get the impression that it’s too difficult to adopt for either financial reasons or because of the time & effort it takes, but people do much crazier things for homes, cars and vacations so that is my defense even IF it is hard or difficult or tedious! Hopefully no one will misinterpret anything I say about adoption to be against adoption or use it to prove why they shouldn’t – it is ALL worth it! Every hang up, dollar, minute spent is all worth it when you hold your child for the first time.) A few months back we were being shown through our agency (which we love) but a million and half things had come up and we weren’t feeling peaceful about continuing to be shown, so we decided to take a step back. From the very beginning of this whole journey to adoption #2, we had sort of said we weren’t sure what direction we would go once we had our homestudy done – we just knew that we wanted to do all the paperwork and be available should there be a need. We had our file put on hold, and while we are still current and available to adopt, the agency isn’t showing us to the birthparents who are working with them. So, what does the future look like?  We don’t really know. Anything could happen – someone could tell us their cousin wants to place her child with us, or the agency could call with a hard to place child because we are open to them, or we could eventually choose to work with the agency again. Or maybe nothing will happen. We don’t know because we still don’t feel like we have a God inspired direction yet. It’s always kinda hard to have anything definite as far as adoption because there is really only so much you can do to “make” it happen, and some of those things we aren’t comfortable with (i.e. advertising our family, adoption networking, making adoption websites etc…) Trust me, I’d love to just know how this whole thing will play out and for God to just give us a clear answer as to what we are supposed to do, but we’re also okay because we have 4 little people who are already so amazing that we can’t complain! We’ve explained it clearly to the kids, and despite every time we go to a store the kids all want to buy things for “the baby” or “the babies” as Cruz says, he says he wants “two at one time!” I laughed and said, “Oh yeah? Twins, that would be funny.” His response, “No mommy, not twins just TWO BABIES AT ONE TIME!” Yep. He’s a genius just like me. Once we got that one sorted he was even more excited that two babies really happens sometimes. I think I accidentally encouraged him more! Yikes.  Anyway, this post is getting ridiculously long but hopefully it explained the whole situation a little more overall and gives you more of a bigger picture of where we are at.

And before I hijacked my own post, we were talking about the house. I get distracted easily, can you tell?! Part two of this post was supposed to be about Guest Room’s, however, we don’t currently have one! Super excited about this friday’s Dining Room edition. I need to get to work on mine so it’s ready!

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