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I haven’t done a Tuesday House & Home in forever, so today is the day! Most of the bloggers I love hardly ever post pictures of their kitchens (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bathroom post from any of my favorite bloggers! Haha!) which of course is all with good reason, but the Kitchen is such a huge part of my life I think it’s fitting. If you live in a rental like us, chances are your Kitchen is ugly. Mine is…was, sort of still is, but I love it now that we’ve done a few things that make it brighter and cleaner.

Here’s what we’ve did last year: Painted the cabinets inside & out, Papered the inside of the drawers, installed accordion door to hide the laundry room, installed beadboard paneling over the grosser-than-gross tile backsplash, re-grouted the countertops, bought some kitchen items that make food more fun (& practical!)

I have some things I’d still like to do, I’ll mention them as we go, first is the back wall, I’ve been scouring paint colors & wallpaper for just the right look. I’ve narrowed it down to a few favorites, but am just sitting on it until I’m in love.

Fave silverware set from Ebay & Anchor Hocking mini bowls from a thrift store. Note the grout. It’s white now instead of all stained and nasty-rental-like!

I know it seems vain, but the mirror is really just for lighting, and ambiance, and so I don’t have to look at beadboard the whole time I do dishes (FYI my hubs does the dishes a lot). Anyone else obsessed with Basil Mrs. Meyers?! And I was gifted the hand soap and while I won’t be buying any for myself (not hippy enough for me) I actually really love the scent!

I need to redo the caulking around the sink, major bad.

Sorbet bowls from a thrift store & Target cups. We usually do glass cups, but we were going to have a lot of company over Christmas and thought these were super cute!

I’m all about having utensils out in the open. The little silver container is from Homegoods, as are all the Olive wood spoons and utensils (and that is only part of my growing collection, a bunch were dirty. I LOVE Olive wood!)  The clear glass container is standing in for this. Owl shakers are from Ebay.  I’ve been looking for a big, pretty chopping block for right here too, but haven’t found one that is the right dimensions.

This is the place where my Kitchenaid mixer was supposed to sit, but it was so tall, it didn’t fit on my cabinet and I didn’t have anywhere to store it so I returned it. Until I get this one, it’s going to hold my decanter collection. And my cute wood cutting board. Love that little guy.

I feel like I should have replaced the paper towels before taking this picture. It looks so empty & sad. Our Starbucks coffee maker has lasted us our entire marriage (wedding gift from my aunt!) and it is still one of my favorite kitchen items. That toaster on the other hand…we got it two years ago and it’s falling apart.

Wow, that grout is so white.

Drawers lined with cute granite liner bought at Homegoods, the double rolls there are cheaper then single rolls at Target.

Got these adjustable organizers at TJ Maxx.

I wrote about plates several times and finally my husband stumbled across this Porcelain set by Lauren Ralph Lauren at Homegoods. They are just what I was looking for! I never found a dessert plate set that I liked in my range, but for now I’m loving just the plain white.

The rugs on the ground are from Ikea. I laid three of them in a row for a runner look, but they are still easy to wash this way, unlike a true runner.  We have high hopes of redoing the laundry “room” (it’s like 3 x 5), and I have some ideas that would make it much more adorable, but we’ll see how long it takes to actually get to it!

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