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Okay, so I’ve done it. I haven’t had every single post be about our new house – even though, we are working on it every single day!  I like to post about what’s currently going on, but really, my posts would be beyond boring because we’ve done a lot of boring stuff. Things like:

-Scraping ceilings

-Mudding ceilings

-Painting ceilings

-Ripped out baseboards, and also the baseboards they used as “crown moulding” in the down stairs.

-Patched and repaired walls where needed

-Painted Bedrooms: Every color has been 100% beautiful, except the boys. For some reason, the paint shows lines, but I’ve done so many coats I know its impossible that its not thick enough!  I’m rethinking the color just to get rid of the lines.

-Painted downstairs, just needs some touch ups!

-Ripped out some nasty light fixtures, one is replaced, the others will be done tomorrow night!

-One coat of darker stain in the kitchen on all the wood, awaiting a second coat.

I can’t wait to do an official “before & after” post so you can see the insane transformation!  It had only been a few weeks since we started working on the house, so we are super excited to have gotten so much done (and with four kids in tow). Here are some super bad, taken-at-night-time-with-no-working-light-fixtures, iPhone pics:

Previously orange island. Now a nice dark wood color!

Our kitchen counter tops don’t have to be redone! Thank goodness, they are actually really nice. Simple and nice. An oatmeal color, solid piece, not sure what they actually are, but they look good so whatev!

My concrete fireplace that I love so so much!


Cute little doorway. And that paint is Navy Blue!

And we have some fun things coming up that we weren’t planning on doing, but ended up needing to do thanks to the apparent zoo that lived in the house before us. You know the kinda zoo where there are no zoo keepers to take their animals to the little box or outdoors for a walk, so they just use the carpet in the living room and children’s bedrooms. Yes, I will never cease to be amazed.

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