House & Home: The Girls Room

We are finally done!!!  …okay, I still have to paint the trim on top and buy a switch plate, but other then that – done!

Paint: Ralph Lauren Cool Gray with Candle Light Finish

Duvets, Beds, Wire Chairs: Ikea

Pillow Cases & Duvet Inserts: Homegoods

Throw Blankets: TJ Maxx

Rocker, Dresser & Vanity: Vintage! Mine from when I was a kid!

Frame/Art: Frame from Target, Marbled Paper from Papermojo

Mirrored Window & Accessories on the dresser: From my grandma’s house.  I inherited them when she passed away.

Rugs (two 2×3 rugs laid by each other!): Urban Outfitters

Smocked Curtains: World Market

Everything else, we already had…


Originally, Zara had wanted an Asian themed room, but it was so hard to find anything that was pretty and in the budget for the make-over.  We already needed new beds for the girls and I wanted it to be super sweet, soft and simple – so we ditched any sort of theme and I just bought the things I thought we’re cute and useful! I may or may not hang something over their beds in the future.  For right now, I am totally happy with it just the way it is!  (I don’t like the gold/white fan, but we rent, so whatever! I bought cute pulls for it!)  The Candle Light finish paint is super cute and shimmery in the light, which is obviously really hard to capture with a camera, but I love the way it looks! The girls have also slept a lot better now that they aren’t banging their heads on the bed frame all night!  Best part of the whole thing.  Yes, being a parent is all about the sleep (or lack of).

…And yes, I could have fixed their beds so they weren’t such a mess, but seriously, this is how they always look, kinda sloppy falling off the side of the bed, and sometimes worse.  I love that they are helping me!  Especially that Zara says she does it “perfect”.  My little OCD in the making. (She’s only 4!)

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