I Love Your Comments!

I had a post scheduled for tonight, and drats, I got slammed with some sort of cold or allergies!!  I sat down to dinner and sneezed enough to just call it quits for the night. NOOOOO!  Anyway, I just couldn’t say nothing after all the sweet comments I’m getting so …Thank You! I really do appreciate every comment. I think I’ve been inspired to something new with the blogs, but I won’t say what yet until I have all the details worked out. And just in case you all thought I was blessed with the gift of meekness, I’m not. I am me 100% all the time, blog, life, whatever – I’ve, shamefully, never been ashamed. My thoughts were mainly toward those who might think me a gold digger (say it jamie & kanye style) and I realize that it could seem very true if I’m always pushing my product on people. And there’s that thing, the opposite of meekness, you know, I probably have that, so I wouldn’t want people to think that of me.

Sweet dreams! I’ve had too shots of Elderberry and I’m hitting the hay early (for me) to try to get myself better! XXOO

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