I’m having trouble sleeping

It is way too late to be up consider all the goings on of tomorrow…err, today, at which I am necessary, but I thought, “I’m up, why not blog.” So here I am!

One of the recent “developments” is that my baby brother moved to England. Actually, he’s still on a plane now, but he’s almost there, and will be – for six months.  This isn’t the first time he’s left.  He spent a semester in Germany a year ago, but for some reason, a semester (which can be counted easily in weeks) and 6 months (which means he won’t be home until Christmas) just seem so dramatically different. We’re all sad about him leaving.  I wish I could say I’m excited for him awesome opportunity, but I’m not really.  I’d rather he just stayed here.  How’s that for honest?  He is of course exstactic, because it is a great experience to have & gain, and he’s good at meeting new people, moving, traveling, etc.  It’s perfect for him!

Anyhow, my parents had a lovely graduation/going away party for him!  I don’t have my photos from it since they are on my other computer, but here are some I stole from my sister’s facebook.

Ruby & the girls love each other so much. Ruby was following Ever around try to do everything she did. It was hysterical!

Uncle Jerm with all of his nieces & nephews

Linds & Baby Quin

The next 4 are possibly my favorite, Uncle Zac is so good with all the kids, they think he is the greatest!

Me & Lindsay with Quin

I wanted to hold her the entire time!

Zara loves Quinny-Boo!

My favorite tiny being. She is seriously such a doll, it’s ridiculous!

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