I’m not gone, anymore…

My site went down this weekend for 2 days whole days. Hopefully you didn’t notice! Sorry!

In other news, I’m not a huge fan of Janie and Jack because a lot of it is too teddy-bear-blah & and mushy “i’m the cutest” shirts (for me), but every once in awhile something will be so ridiculously cute. Like their 50’s vintage little girls dresses, or cute hair bows, or old man sweaters for $9.99.  Today was one of those days. Ever got two cute little things also, but she insisted that she wear them to bed, so I have no pictures. I may have a What They Are Wearing MONDAY, just to show you.  Haha, She was so excited to get a new shirt, in her very small world of hand-me-downs, new clothes are so super fun! Giveaway, pictures and I love my kid stories all in the week to come!

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