I’m Officially a Giant!

Recently, I’d had good intentions to buy my daughter’s a doll house. But then I began looking around for something that was not only affordable, but also pretty and… Who’d have guess doll house could be so ugly & so expensive?! Really, I was shocked!

Not to mention the 13,000 hours you have to put into building one. I am so not into that.

I decided the only way I could get one would be if it was fully built, and not at full price; like from craigslist or an estate sale. I’ve been scouring all three of my surrounding counties for just the right “look”. No dice for what seemed like years.  Until this…

Hello pretty little home!

I wanted something traditional, but not frilly. (This is sort of “Colonial” which happens to be my favorite!)  Since it wasn’t ever completely finished, I have a blank canvas to work with.  (You know. In all my spare time. From 3 am to 5 am.) And the best part? It was $30.

I am also so unbelievably excited to all this converges with Emily’s Challenge!

It’s probably a little brave of me to think that I can keep up with this at all. HELLO! Have you seen their houses? Gorgeous!  However, I couldn’t pass it up, and the challenge will help me to actually get this whole thing done. I’ve already done some e-bay shopping, antique store shopping, and tried to layout my design in my head. I am so excited to actually get to work on this and make something timeless for my girls. I can’t wait to give it to them!

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