Little People, Little Thoughts v.2

I love writing down the funny things my kids say because even though they are constant, we forget them all too quickly. Here are a few recent conversations.

Me: (driving in the car) “Hey, look at that Donkey.”

Zara: “GASSPPPPP! Oh, I though that was a huge, warge bunny!”

In her defense, you could only see the oversized head through the side of the trailer, and it’s ears were especially large aka “warge.”


Joel, “That’s enough you two! Jude, why don’t you say something nice to your sister.”

Jude, “Thank you Zara.”

Joel, “Thank you for what?”

Jude, “Thank you for annoying me every single day.”


Cruz: (at bedtime) “Mommy, can you tell me about when I was born.”

Me: “Sure baby, well remember I wasn’t there when you were born. Your mommy had you in her tummy and it wasn’t until you were two weeks old that we got to come pick you up from the adoption agency. We drove there in the rain, and when we walked in the adoption agency Eleanor handing you to me!”

Cruz: “And then you brought me home to my own bed.”

Me: “Yes, and then we brought you home.”

Cruz, “Sigh. I really like it here.”

I burst out laughing. I’m glad he likes it here because I’m not about to give him back!


Ever, “Okay, so now can I adopt a baby?”

Zara, “Nope, no way, you didn’t do enough paperwork. You have to do WAY more paper work then that.”

Ever, (who just colored 20 pages of “paperwork”) “Ugh, gosh, okay fine!”


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