I think maybe Jude has outgrown being a little person with little thoughts. We rarely laugh at him, he’s kinda just amazing.

Zara and our baby friend Tatum at the beach this past week!

Ever, “Once a spawn a dream!” over and over and over. She may look like a future Disney princess, but…

Me, “Can you go back to being a baby so I can cuddle and hold you all the time?”
Ever, “No, I can’t because i haven’t magic spells.”

“My hair is black, my eyes are black, my skin is black – I’m all black!”  I had to break it to him that he’s only brown. I remember when my mom told me I wasn’t black, I was pretty disappointed. Cruz was too.

Zara gave Ever the most memorable Bible lesson ever, “Jesus was way bigger than that, no, he was! Jesus was the biggest human being EVER!” Since my hubs is a Theology major it’s even better.

Zara, “Mom, what does offend mean?”
Me, “It can mean you said something to hurt my feelings, like if you knew I loved dogs and you told me that loving dogs is stupid. You were trying to offend me.”
Zara, “Oh, that is bad.”
Ever, “Yep, and the dogs would be so so sad.”

Ever, “What if we found a dog that had no people’s?!”  I didn’t even answer her. I know that she wanted me to take pity and say we’d bring it home. Not happening in my lifetime little PETA child.

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