Oh, Craig(slist)!

I have deep love for antiques, which is perfect for the area I live in for so many reasons, mainly because our area has a lot of young families who, for the most part (aside from my really cool friends), have very little appreciation for them.


Since things are still going smoothly with our new house, the prospect of a new space to fill is beyond exciting!  I’ve already picked up a new bedroom set for the boys, and Campaign bookshelf for somewhere undecided, and a couple of weeks ago Joel picked up a couch (details on that coming soon when I finally reveal my new living room).

But aside from the finding antiques that I love. Craigslist is good for one other thing.


Read on…

“Ugly, old, some surface damage but the most comfortable thing you’ll ever sit or sleep on. “

The seller goes on to mention that it’s worth having recovered. Um, gross. Check out that carpet?!


I’ll give her the “yummy” part, I feel like I’m getting SCREAMED out while reading that ad. And check this out, the price?

A mere $375. As my dad would say, “Good deal!”

This one was listed as “Kid’s Toy Chest/Bench Seat/File Cabinet”

Then the ad read, “This is a great, very cute toy box or counter top /floor storage container. It measures 1 ft 2 in tall, 1 ft 4 in wide and 1 ft 6 in deep. This shabby chic box is on runners, very sturdy, can be placed in a kids room to store books, movies, games, music, puzzles, shoes, etc and at the same be used by a little girl as a sitting bench box while she puts her little shoes on. This can be used in a library or office to store files, in any bedroom to use a storage box on a counter, dresser, etc. This can also be used in a corner of a bathroom, in a kitchen, den, living room area. It small, cute, adorable looking and looks very shabby chic, distressed, but very fun. This is great for a guest room, guest house, apartment, condo, bachelor pad, town home, house. cabin, etc. The drawers slides very easily, very sturdy and the handle is silver. This can be painted again, the handle can be changed out or you can even pain the handle another color like white, black, or dark copper color. This looks great but can be painted another color and used for storage of anything. This can go with many different styles in many different decors and with almost any size place.”

I think she wants to sell that whatchamacallit, no?

And at $55 I have to say, I’d at least want to know what it really was suppose’ be before I purchased it.

So this all leads me to my actual story that you will only think this is funny if you watch HGTV and know who Emily is, and really you just have to be as weird as I am. You know the part of the show where Emily “style diagnoses” couples and creates a new type of “style” that mixes their styles?  Like a man loves “Retro” and the girl loves “traditional chic” so the new style would be “Traditional Retro Chic”. You know that part???? (My favorite part obviousssslyyy.)

A few nights back Joel and I were creeping Craigslist and dying at some of the stuff people are trying to pawn off, when we came across this beauty. Leather patched seating and all that twisty goodness:

Me, “Ew, it’s like sexy cowboy or something.”

Joel, “Yeah, ugly”

Me,”With a twist of Medieval”

Joel, “Exactly. Your style is ‘Sexy Medieval Cowboy’!”

Burst into tears of laughter.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need more Emily in your life.)

But really? What kind of house would one say this table “fits” in? I can’t come up with anything!

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