Our Festive Festivities

Typing that out, I just realized what a gross word “Festive” is. Reminds me too much of “Fester” which can only go two ungodly directions via “Uncle Fester” or describing a vile wound. Neither have much Christmas spirit. My apologies.

We had two Christmas photo sessions for this year. Our Official Family Christmas photo with the whole family, and then one of just our little family in front of the tree. Actually, it was going to be of  all 6 of us, but I was super lazy and didn’t want to set the tripod up, so it ended up being just the kids. In front of our tree. In our living room. ‘Cause I was also too lazy to take them anywhere besides in front of our tree in our house. Speaking of trees. Here’s us decorating ours!

I’m on such a video kick lately. I love little videos of the kids because you can see there little personalities a little more in motion.

We only decorated lightly this year, but I still love the Christmas-y feel in the house!

The aforementioned family-in-front-of-the-tree shoot.
And the family Christmas Photos along with the letter our Family sends each year – this year’s theme? Nautical! (You can see the full letter here.)
*Things to note in the above photos: 1. Quins 1st Christmas card! 2. Yes, I am ombre, but I’m going dark again as soon as I can get an appointment because it doesn’t match my wardrobe. 3. My brother is smoking toilet paper in the pipe picture. Best part of taking the pictures by far, we had my mom in a tizzy over it! Nothing like fire during a photo shoot. Nothing.
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