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I’m huge on research for any and every product I buy, especially when it comes to my kids. And one of the things I’ve been drawn to for the last few years, is trying to find “smaller” companies who have high quality products, quick shipping, & price matching. We are way past the baby stage over here, but today I’m rounding up our five family favorites that have last us for YEARS. (And they’re all available on the fabulous BabyCubby.com!!)

  1. Baby Jogger Stroller: I really don’t know why they didn’t invent this thing 20 years earlier? Older double strollers where impossible to maneuver and there was zero storage – and let’s not forget how hideous they were. Not this guy! I’ve convince so many of my friends to buy it, and the ones who didn’t tell me they wish they had. baby_jogger_city_select_double_-_onyx_1
  2. Ergo Baby Carrier: I wore all my babies all the time, and when they weren’t being worn by me, Joel (or Zara, lol) had them. The Ergo is the perfect quick, slid-on carrier, which is perfect for running into stores. And it’s gotta manly appeal for hubby to wear on long trips to Disneyland!adapt_-_black_-_flat
  3. Skip Hop BackPack: Speaking of Disneyland, I have to tell you I use this diaper bag on our family trips to Disneyland!! I’ve had a dozen bags through the years, and none suited us as well as this one. It’s got plenty of storage and it’s black. We neeeeddd all the black baby stuff!!WEB FAMILY (24)
  4. Little Unicorn Swaddles: These are my favorite item to gift to new mamas. The prints are so eye-catching, a they stay really soft even after a million washes! I bought a three pack for my nephew Grizzly and then when they visited at Christmas snags some photos of him with them. I. Love. This. Child.Kid's with Baby Grizzly DECEMBER 2016 6Kid's with Baby Grizzly DECEMBER 2016 7
  5. Dock-a-tot: Guys. I had to MAKE one of these for myself because no one had invented it yet. Now you can buy one, that’s way prettier than mine was, and call it a good night’s sleep! I highly suggest these for parents who don’t think they can co-sleep with their babies. This adds a little extra security for baby! deluxe_pristine_white

You can read all about Baby Cubby here. They were sooo sweet to sponsor this post, which gives me even more reason to love them! Thank you Baby Cubby!

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