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I have been wanting to share these links for some time now, ever since I started posting about adoption on my blog.  Remember how I say crazy things like, “Adoption isn’t for everyone, but everyone can support adoption?!”   This is it.  I won’t say much else, but just point out that they both have paypal links on their sites if you decide that you want to be a part of adoption in some way. 🙂

The McCourtney Family in Uganda

We meet Summer & Zane in 2004 when they had only two children, Erin was a toddler and Summer was pregnant with Ezra.  After they moved to Uganda, they saw a crazy huge need for parents to the orphaned children around them. They currently have 13 children. (Or around there, because it’s amazingly hard to keep track!)  They now need to start legally adopting each of the children, two of whom have sickle cell.

Lori & Licia in Haiti


These two amazing ladies are sisters, and with the help of their families, they run a Rescue Center in Haiti.  The work they do is profoundly simple, they offer the people medical help and teach them about nutrition, farming, sewing, etc… If you read this blog, you will cry. It’s worth it. They house about 70ish children (sometimes lots more) and medically treat as many as they can daily. They need to get new supplies down to feed & clothe the children and especially for medical supplies. They also help to

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