(I took these photos yesterday before my most unfavorite time of the month came and took me out.  Today, I am not wearing make up, nor am I out of my pajamas, nor do I intend to do anything today except survive the nausea, pains, and aches. Perfect. My husband even took care of lunch and helped with the kids during his 12 o’clock break! I have been really against having the hysterectomy the doctor suggested (yes, at 27) but on days like this all I can think is “Please Doctor! Take my uterus, it’s yours!” That of course, is another post, for another day.)


Being a stay at home mom lends to being ugly.

Or so I hear, from women, all the time.

Things like, “My kids get my clothes dirty so it doesn’t matter what I wear”, “I hardly have time for a shower,” or “I don’t have time for make up.”

All I hear is, “I hate being ugly.” Because it’s always said in that same tone, you know – with the sighing/angered/giving-up-on-life-because-my-kids-have-ripped-it-from-me twang.

I’m not saying those things aren’t true at some points for all women, trust me, 13 weeks of morning sickness made me uglier than ugly. (Not to mention that my house basically fell apart) But those are just short times in life, life changes quickly, and you can move on. Getting ready isn’t always easy for me, but it is so rewarding. First, my husband loves it. That in itself is more than enough. Second, our life (my husband’s job) revolves around teenagers – and most teenagers don’t understand motherhood & children. I don’t want to traumatize them. (No really, some of them have actually mentioned how traumatized they are by the idea/what they have seen of motherhood.) Third, my kids understand that we get up, get cleaned up and dressed because we love to take care of ourselves. (Don’t worry, we still have plenty our weekly wear whatever you want day.) They are all extremely confident little beings. A little too much so at times.

I have a little routine that I do in the morning that helps me to get cleaned up quickly (and I always shower at night). As far as make up goes, if you have the right products, it shouldn’t take you more then 5 minutes to do an “everyday” look.

Here’s what I do:  1. Foundation, I used to have a fav organic brand but I can’t find it anywhere now, so I’m using Revlon in the meantime! 2. MAC “spiked” eyebrows pencil, do not overlook drawing in your eyebrows! 3. MAC “Brule” Shadow 4. MAC lip liner, I use this most of the time because it makes everything look more finished. I only skip if in a serious hurry, as in I have two minutes instead of five. 5. MAC “Russian Red” lipstick, my current favorite color. I usually buy one lipstick and wear it everyday until I am so sick of it I change colors. I’m obsessive like that. 6. Maybelline Great Lash, I have tried so many mascaras you would laugh. This is the cheap-y, plain mascara and it is by far my favorite! 7. Pluck eyebrows.

I don’t look like a movie star, or fix-y or even “going out to brunch” nice (who goes to brunch anyway?), but I don’t look like I feel ugly, or like I hate being a mom, or like my kids are stealing my life (even though they really-somewhat-kinda are!)

This is good.

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