Put A Unicorn On It

You probably already heard via one of my online spaces: Zara requested a Unicorn Rainbow party.

Since Katie and I also have birthdays close to Zara’s, and mainly because we just couldn’t resist the theme, we also celebrated our birthdays.

Here’s a little peek at the day. We held it at the new house (even though we aren’t moved in) and just had a little family party. It was lovely to eat some gluten free tacos and gluten free brownies (we have a load of paleo freaks we have to keep happy!) And there were Unicorns. Really, do you need more than that? …Wait, just kidding, you need a commencement with Mentos/Diet Coke Geyser for a real rager! Luckily, one of the weirdos in my family brought one for entertainment and every single person squealed as it went off. We video taped it, but I am so not posting it!! Haha!

(On a side note, I’m excited to actually move into this house so that hosting a party is a little easier. So I don’t have to say things like, “Honey, can you put that toilet back in the bathroom so people can use it if they need to?”)

You guys. Have you seen this yet? I cried/got the chills at the previews and I can not wait for it to come out. If you want to win my heart, talk Les Mis. (I think Joel and I are going to try to go to the play this year too! Speaking of which, I better check on tickets)

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