Scenes From Our Easter

So far only my sister and I have kids, that means both my brothers still have plenty of time to add to this tribe. Although, we aren’t doing too bad all things considered…

My mom is going to hate that picture because I caught her mid-laugh, but everyone is smiling. There’s just that trio of odd faces between mom, Cruz & Dean that kinda throw it. (Also note my dad was drugged, doesn’t he look great?!)

Happily searching, that is until Uncle Zac started filling the eggs with dirt and shouting, “I found one more.” Then the kids were crying. That was super fun.

He’s the cutest-est. And so brown. Cruz is so happy that he now has Grandpa, Mommy, Quin and Dean to be brown with. (No joke, the kids sort out who is brown and who is white. They argue over Grandpa, “Is he brown or is he RED?”)

Quin. It wasn’t worth it guys. You can’t fight with a two year old over pictures, Jude tried though.

I can’t stop staring at this one of Dean. He knows so much.

Easter hairs.

Grandma is so smart, just fruit snacks and money in the eggs this year. Solves the allergy problems and the kids are obviously not given enough money. All that over a quarter, haha!

Even this guy couldn’t contain himself with all the joy going round.

Nana & Rara, our faves.

And just one more of my favorite little guy since he’s so new. He’s already/only one month old, but look at those cheeks and arm rolls. The best!

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